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Digital marketing through copywriting

Every piece of written word your business uses to advertise its products is called “Copy”.

Big businesses including Apple and Amazon employ copywriters to write every product description, social media post, marketing campaign, press release statement and business proposal necessary to ensure their market share dominance.

Do I need a copywriter?

That depends on your ambition…

  • Do you want to grow your business online?
  • Are your competitors drowning out your brand voice?
  • Are you able to produce new online content to keep up with industry trends and keep your products relevant?
Certified Copywriter Badge Ruth Klempner

Who are you and why are you relevant?

I’m Ruth, 32, and I’m a small business owner too.

  • I have a Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting from the UK-based College of Media and Publishing
  • I’m here to help small businesses grow and succeed
Small Business Support Digital Marketing Copywriter Ruth Klempner

More about me…

Born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, I am a member of our local chamber of commerce and have already volunteered copywriting support to businesses as far as Laos and Australia (please see my Portfolio).

I’m UK-based, of Jamaican and Eastern European Jewish descent, and I’m here to help all small businesses fulfil their great potential upon our shared, online home!

The internet enables small businesses to stretch their influence far and wide

Explore Information and Services to discover how digital marketing can help your small business.

Email for a friendly chat about the digital marketing opportunities available for your business.

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Discover more about me, my motives, and my small, copywriting business by exploring this website, or these recent blog posts 🙂

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Build your Brand – Build your Influence

Your Unique Selling Points

Ruth Klempner Small Business Copywriter
I’m Ruth, (she/ her), copywriter and Northerner

Dear fellow small business owners – don’t forget:

  • SEE THE WONDER and the VALUE in EVERY ONE of your OUTSTANDING products
  • Pitch PASSIONATELY and persistently – And ALWAYS be eager to learn new marketing techniques and strategies. 

As a CUSTOMER CENTRIC COMPANY, ensure a WIDE AUDIENCE for your sales messages with:

  • REGULAR, INSIGHTFUL and ENGAGING digital marketing messaging and social media posting –

Never forget to ALWAYS STUDY your competition and YOUR INDUSTRY so that you can present:

  • A UNIQUE and INSPIRING offer to customers…

To discuss your market share and business INFLUENCE:

Email to introduce yourself and your business 🙂

Alternatively, contact me via this online form

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