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Digital marketing through copywriting

Every piece of written word your business uses to advertise its products is called “Copy”.

Big businesses including Apple and Amazon employ copywriters to write every:

  • Product description
  • Social media post
  • Marketing campaign
  • Press release statement, and
  • Business proposal necessary to ensure their market share dominance



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CHAMPION your unique selling point with professionally written business copy designed for sharp and ambitious business owners EAGER to out-perform even their most menacing of competitors.

What exactly can a copywriter do for you?

  • We assess the message and value of each of your competitors and create a marketing package which compels customers to investigate the promise of your brand over another’s
  • Having researched the motives and behaviours of your target audiences, we use calculated language which speaks directly to your customer’s desires –

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Do I need a copywriter?

That depends on your ambition…

  • Do you want to grow your business online?
  • Are your competitors drowning out your brand voice?
  • Are you able to produce new online content to keep up with industry trends and keep your products relevant?

Who are you and why are you relevant?

I’m Ruth, 32, and I’m a small, digital business owner.

  • I have a Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting from the UK-based College of Media and Publishing
  • I’m here to help digital and tech businesses grow and succeed
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Dear fellow digital and tech business owners – don’t forget:

  • SEE THE WONDER and the VALUE in EVERY ONE of your OUTSTANDING products
  • Pitch PASSIONATELY and persistently – And ALWAYS be eager to learn new marketing techniques and strategies. 

As a customer centric company, ensure a wide audience for your sales messages with:

  • REGULAR, INSIGHTFUL and ENGAGING digital marketing messaging and social media posting –

Always study your competition and your industry so that you can present:

  • A UNIQUE and INSPIRING value proposition/ sales offer to customers…

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