A brand new, low-budget, small business

Tell me your project, tell me your budget, and we’ll work something out

I mentioned in my last video that this copywriting business cost around £1,100 to set up. I also indicated that this was not money which I had to hand since, as a result of chronic dodgy health, I have not been in full-time employment since 2016.

As I also mentioned, without the kindness of relatives who have donated money for my training, insurance, and other necessary and useful expenses, I would not be in the position I am in now to offer this digital marketing service, nor I believe any other service –

So, I will begin by acknowledging the very great obstacle to many individuals pursuing self-improvement which is Basic access to education and training.

Long-term unemployment and a lack of access to retraining leaves you in a state of void –

I have the universe to thank for a family who have helped me back to my feet, but I am very aware of those many individuals who are not so lucky.

Also, it has helped that relatively speaking, this was not an expensive business to set up.

Already owning two old (but not too old) smartphones and an olde but determined laptop, I haven’t needed to purchase any expensive equipment, any stock, nor rent premises.

I have reliable internet access, and I have access to good voice recognition services which support me everyday with productivity.

It would be brilliant if I could hire:

  • A professional web designer (I am very aware of the amateurish look of this website)
  • A professional graphic designer (I am currently relying on the very useful graphics app Canva at a subscription of £10 a month)
  • A professional business coach (to help me run my business efficiently and prosperously)

And it would be awesome if I could buy:

  • A load of advertisements
  • Office space
  • A car
  • However many other things –

But you know what?

I am a low budget business, I’m starting at the bottom, and I’m determined to help everybody else who is too.

I have included a Haggler’s Welcome clause in my pricing, meaning that I just want to work, so:

Tell me your project, tell me your budget, and we’ll work something out

And although I have had much advice to the contrary (from fellow, helpful business owners insisting that I do not undervalue my services) I would sooner start by earning comparatively little and doing plenty of work, than search and search for a full-paying client, without completing any work at all.

I want to build my portfolio and my references –

I want (and I need) this social proof to show that I am a competent and accomplished copywriter.

I include the price of £387 a day as a reminder to all interested in my services of the average price they could expect to pay elsewhere for a copywriter –

It will be the price per day which I will work towards confidently stipulating.

But for now, like I say, I have had so many years without work, I am extremely eager to begin earning and to build a strong reputation for myself.

So, fellow small business owners and you low, budget business owners in particular, I commend your valour and your determination to grow no matter what the obstacle –

I hope to work together with you soon in order to support your business further, and to grow my own!

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