Assimilation into the business owner collective

Be obsessed with discovering your route to success.

For all new business owners, there is an absolute wealth of business information and advice freely available via a multitude of platforms online –

Through social media posts, blog posts, personal websites, business websites, online media channels, and if that isn’t enough, you can create your own library with the sheer number of business books available for purchase and download.

I spend much of my days reading and researching and taking notes, but it is difficult attempting to assimilate so much information at once.

The books which started me on my business journey were those by American real estate entrepreneur Grant Cardone –

A very charismatic and no nonsense businessman and writer with a knack for provoking your mind into creating new pathways for learning and progress.

His book Be Obsessed or Be Average c(2016) could begin and end with just the front cover –

I wonder if you have read it, or can guess what he’s talking about?

Be obsessed with discovering your route to success.

He advocates spending almost every moment of your life on it, and although wellness experts would object, the principle holds true –

Perhaps because I spent so long in my void, in my state of confusion and fear in response to my various health crises, I still cling on to this message I actually read years ago in his book.

I read and research and try to understand as much as I can about building a successful copywriting business.

But like I said at the start of this post, it is difficult to assimilate large amounts of business information – but I have a system…

From my years being physically unable to write and type, I now enjoy being able to make notes and to write with one of my many, colourful pens – and when my hands are tired from writing or typing, I can just speak into my mobile or laptop microphone to complete my notes or my work.

I offer no pretence that I am a highly knowledgeable or successful business owner –

I am a newbie, a beginner. And I have ambition.

But it is my intention to fill this blog with as much useful information about building a successful business on a budget as possible. Information which I discover through my research –

But, why?

Because I am skilled at reading, deciphering and presenting information.

I won’t infringe upon any copywriting laws by publishing any extracts from books – all the information which I will share will be my take on a topic or subject relevant to this small business blog.

I want to be able to publish regularly, and I want every post to be insightful.

This is one of the tasks which I am dedicating my time to right now:

I hope to build trust with the small business community online, and I hope to be able to to present my skills as a valuable tool for others to build more successful businesses by.

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