My first go at commission-only sales, and what it taught me

I know my strengths, and in my strengths, I am CONFIDENT.

In Autumn 2016, I could be found flogging (trying to flog) Talk Talk broadband packages on street corners from Sheffield to Grindleford.

I always wondered why people would sign up for 2-year internet contracts from young-ish sales people on street corners, but people did.

At least, people did regularly for my much more competent colleagues! Who were always more confident and charismatic and than was –

But what a baptism into breaking the barrier of self-consciousness it was for me…

After doing that from morning until evening 6 days a week, I certainly grew in confidence if not in pocket.

I’m not entirely even sure what I was selling, if I’m honest. Only that it was £17.50 for the first 6 months and £27 thereafter.

I had no passion or interest in what I was selling, but at that point, a commission-only independent sales job was the only one I could find.

I stuck at it for 6 weeks, which was at least 4 or 5 weeks longer than many of my other unsuccessful colleagues.

Needless to say, the Sheffield-based marketing company had a problem with staff retention as I wasn’t the only one struggling.

I was able to give it a good go however because, very luckily for me, my father supported me by paying for my transport and food, but low mood and lack of earnings got to me in end.

In 6 weeks, working approx. 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, I earned around £320. Averaging around a pound something an hour, I think.

Insane, isn’t it. But such was my earnest to stick it out and be successful.

Shortly after that, my physical health deteriorated and I was unable to work, salaried or otherwise.

I had only needed a job in Autumn 2016 because I was unable to work any longer in hospital due to the manual demands on my body. But it is not an experience I regret –

I learnt SO MUCH.

Following this stint at self-employment, I discovered Grant Cardone’s books, and understood very quickly that I had no love for the product (broadband internet) which Cardone insisted was SO essential.

And I could have – how useful is broadband compared to dial-up? It’s literally changed the world.

But I knew also, from observing my colleagues, that I simply wasn’t an effective enough people person.

I was good at caring for patients, but I couldn’t SELL a product because I couldn’t SELL myself…

I’ve always struggled with that sort of confidence.

I look very different, and I am often not sure how to dress and so I hold myself timidly, not always comfortable with my appearance.

I was always an introvert, and this will never change, nor does it need to –

I know my strengths, and in my strengths, I am CONFIDENT.

No, I couldn’t convince people to join 24-month contracts from pokey Talk Talk podiums on the street.

But I have already convinced some of the value of my copywriting services, and my efforts have barely begun.

I’m awkward, I don’t know how to rest very well because my brain doesn’t switch off much, and I have a broken and bizarre work history –

But I’m committed, I’m smart, and I’m creative, and I’m very excited for the career I have in front of me.

I hope I will meet you and your business along the way…

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