Courage, Apprehension and Copy!

My shop floor is ready (enough) – it’s taken ages, and that’s been the easy part.

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that my social media presence is severely lacking at present – however much I bleat on about how necessary it is for small businesses to be active over social media channels!

Well, I’ve been neglecting my socials in favour of trying to get this website right –

And I guess it won’t be “right” until it’s tweaked into kingdom come, but I’ve not the time for that: We’ve no time for perfectionism when there’s trust to be built and money to be made!

My shop floor is ready (enough) – it’s taken ages, and that’s been the easy part.

I’ve a lot of avenues to follow in order to contact small businesses around Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and these avenues mainly exist on platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram. But Twitter is where I will be able to engage more easily in discussion with others in the digital marketing and copywriting industries –

Basically, I’ve lots of people to talk to, lots of networking online and otherwise to be done, and at the top of my list are small businesses of whom I will invite via multiple channels to participate in some free promo

(I can continue updating and editing my site as I go…)…

I’m excited, anxious and nervous to start networking again in earnest, but as one of my previous posts indicated, “Ruthless” Mode Enabled indicates I am (just about) mentally prepared…

I will always be nervous, I think. But in these last few days, I have also been able to experience a great feeling of confidence.

I have wonderful skill – I CAN help businesses – I need to network and introduce myself everywhere!

I need to keep my chin high (not least because I’ve terrible posture and I need to fix it). And I need not allow my smile to falter –

This is trial and error, but hopefully my victory road is not far from here… 

This is self-employment. It’s complicated, it’s scary, and it’s so precious.

I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to work as a copywriter –

I want to make myself proud!

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