Self-Appraisal & Brand Growth

Does that strengthen my image or diminish it?

My limited experience means I am an unknown – simple as. But many business owners started as unknowns, so how did they come to build their brand and their influence?

Perhaps they blogged less and networked more – I don’t doubt it 😂

I blog to create literature which will help prove my authenticity – I don’t want to only be known through my salesly talk.

I want to document the process of building my own business and provide access to anyone who should be interested enough to read.

But “Ruth Klempner” is thus far unknown – how can I strengthen my brand and my influence?

I refer back to my blog post Build Your Brand – Build Your Influence:

I speak about sharing benefits “Everywhere” and “Everyday”. I guess in truth, I haven’t been pitching like this – I have instead been offering my introductions and promotion, and I will continue to offer that. But what should be a concurrent move?

I can hear something screaming, “Pitching!!”

If I am confident in the value and the benefits gained through purchase of my product (which I am), then what am I waiting for?

I can still offer free promo as a taster for anyone eager to gain some free marketing –

But for the sake of my brand I should be OOZING confidence.

I have been wondering how to introduce myself on LinkedIn. A lot of people are very honest on LI about their difficult pasts, but these stories always end in tales of their burgeoning success…

My best success so far has simply been surviving my health problems and continuing to strive no matter what.

Does that strengthen my image or diminish it? Maybe a bit of both.

But that’s where I am.

Can I strengthen my brand on the basis of “Striving No Matter What”?

I’m going to have to – that’s my story.

So my social media and online marketing should be built around the message of STRIVING.

Of course, I have used this word many times before in this blog and on this website, but have I understood it deeply enough to be able to use it in marketing?

Perhaps only now I do.

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