Gainful Self-Employment and the Pursuit of Success

So, what’s happened in between the time I finished my last blog, reassessed my business model and started this revised business and blog? Well, primarily, my father’s death. It has changed my whole life.

I lived with my father, and now I am looking for a new place to live without him.

He was a wonderful father and was always my greatest supporter. Now life seems that much more daunting, but I am not without opportunities.

My greatest weaknesses are the limits of my own creativity and cunning, and so as long as I continue to break through every barrier, everything will be ok.

I have done so much planning in preparation for this new business model. I am confident in my product and in my ability to support students, all I need to do now is to effectively communicate my ability to do so.

Building trust with my target audience was the very great hurdle I failed to overcome during my last attempt at working online and so I am very anxious about how I will overcome it this time.

I need a new marketing strategy and I need to get on with it –

And I need to never let imposter syndrome or despondency get in the way of me working hard to achieve my goals.

I promised my father I would never give up and I don’t plan on breaking that promise.

But business is hard and gainful self-employment and success are harder.

However, like I said – I promised I would never give up…

So, it’s high time I put more of my ambitious plans into action! Watch this space for more –

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