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To my fellow striving and accomplished, small business owners,

We have come via any number of paths to the places we are now, and the odds have not always been in our favour.

Nevertheless, we persist in our business ventures because we, along with our supporters, know that our products are superb and worthy of consumption.

I started my copywriting business in 2021 and soon became tangled in poor brand messaging and an overwhelming sense of competition.

But from the beginning I knew that my products were unique – I wanted to serve small businesses and enable them to fill each of their magnificent potentials. I didn’t want to chase bigger business as I was advised –

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I wanted to help businesses like mine – small, quiet, and bursting with potential!

I was raised on the profits of a small business based in Sheffield and I was inspired by the opportunities and the influence which one small business may accomplish.

But as a trained and qualified copywriter, even I had failed to effectively reach my target audience.

I attribute this failure to a lack of experience – but who even knew what “copy” was? I didn’t until only several years ago.

Most wonderfully, I have since rebranded to share news of affordable digital marketing services for small businesses –

Since copy is simply “marketing” by another name.

Online copy is “digital marketing”. Anything from product descriptions and landing pages, to social media posts and blogs, email marketing messages and info pages, and even video and podcast scripts and press release and public statements.

The online marketplace is now more full of business messaging and influence than ever before and strong copywriters are in high demand for their skill at selling every conceivable product and service.

As small businesses (and new businesses like mine) our brand voice may be lost in the maze of much larger and more well-known competition, but that need not be our fate.

We each offer unique, valuable and saleable products, but are we promoting our small businesses as widely and effectively as possible?

Perhaps we are too busy simply fulfilling our everyday business tasks to consider what free (or paid) online marketing methods we could be gainfully utilising?

That is where a friendly, neighbourhood copywriter! comes in handy – I can study your business and its place among your competitors –

  • Working with you to create a fully customised digital marketing strategy, we can together navigate your brands best path through the noise, using professional copywriting to present your products as powerful competition to all others in your industry.
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Do you believe in your small business enough to work with me to create a dominating, digital marketing campaign and strategy?

You have seen how big businesses advertise and promote their products across multiple online platforms – they produce attractive, engaging content which they publish and share, and publish and share –

This is what we will do.

  • By creating unique, targeted copy and content, relevant to industry trends and customer motives, we can together display your business as the answer to your target consumer needs and desires.
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Take a look at Information and Services to discover how our businesses will work together to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your products.

I look forward to working with you!

Ruth Klempner

Copywriter/ Sheffielder

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