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40. The Very Hungry Entrepreneur

39. Introvert into Entrepreneur

38. Missing Something?

37. Creating a Brand Standard, amongst other things

36. “Mental Health at Work”, a summary

35. The Importance of Being Blatant

34. Business tools and a need for Resourcefulness

33. An additional Business English service

32. Small Biz & Start-Up Support Service

31. Reflections – Small Business Excellence

30. Self-Appraisal & Brand Growth

29. Don’t say Hi to a German

28. Refund Pending/ (I.O.U)

27. Law of Averages

26. Revised Plan

25. Anticipating Objections…

24. Courage, Apprehension and Copy!

23. Why Effective Digital Marketing is SO Important

22. “Ruthless” Mode Enabled

21. The Hagglers Option, plus more inspiration

20. My first go at commission-only sales, and what it taught me

19. Learning the language of business (and other languages)

18. New OPPORTUNITIES for Engagement with Every New Day

17. Benefits and Luxuries – Sell BOTH

16. Build trust with customer-centric habits

15. Be creative and resourceful, and GROW your small business

14. Your Unique Selling Points!

13. Build Your Brand – Build Your Influence

12. Self-employment and adapting my work around my health

11. Assimilation into the business owner collective

10. A brand new, low-budget, small business

9. One small business story

8. Not a stupid question: Consumers have different priorities, why should saving the planet be one of them?

7. How playing devil’s advocate will help you improve your sustainable business

6. Fast Fashion: If you’re on a modest wage, why should you shop sustainably?

5. Reduce your impact on the planet by going vegan, says researchers at Oxford Uni. But can one more vegan make a difference, or is a compromise needed

4. Why should normal people curb their emissions when rich people with much bigger emissions don’t bother?

3. Making money from unused clothes

2. Is it sustainable if it’s expensive?

1. Is sustainable living reasonable?

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