Acquiring the Unique Selling Point 

Sell yourself with a clearly identifiable USP – and believe in it wholeheartedly

I have had two recent experiences of brand owners without clear USPs, and so I will ask you, my reader, What is your unique value proposition?

Why are your products and/ or services clearly better than your competitors?

The only way a copywriter will produce effective sales copy is if they know and understand your unique selling point/ your unique value proposition.

Essential to the task of spiking customer interest, what unique product or service can you offer, and what is it that makes your brand trustworthy?

Have you created a friendly sales environment i.e. is your website easy to navigate and are sales messages clear, links functional, and your sales pathway easy to follow? 

Are your product and service offers both value for money and obviously legitimate?

As a start up business owner myself, I know we have problems presenting the social proof i.e. reviews and testimonials, which we need to state our legitimacy in the eyes of our rightfully scrutinising customers –

In order to try and circumvent this problem, I myself am currently offering a promotion of free/ no strings business copy – something which is similar to a “try before you buy”, and something which I hope will enable to me to build trust with potential paying clients as I continue to build a testimonial base.

So, what is my unique selling point? 

Currently, my promotion of free/ no strings business copy – plus the fact that I am a trained copywriter with an approachable and attentive manner.

My legitimacy comes from my relevant qualification and my (yes limited) experience – also, from my professional insurance.

But word of mouth is the vital legitimacy we all seek, and this comes only from good social proof i.e. good reviews and recommendations –

I can offer copy for free but even freebies require trusting recipients. Alas, like many other startups, building trust through championing and sharing my business’ unique selling point is my challenge right now.

And like the two business owners I have spoken with recently, neither had a definable USP, and so as a copywriter, I could offer neither effective sales copy – since neither themselves knew what exactly made their products unique.

So, tech and digital startup owners, remember:

  • Sell yourself with a clearly identifiable USP – and believe in it wholeheartedly 
  • Study your website and identify points where your brand message can be improved to allow for a more effective and interactive sales environment
  • Put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes: What do you want and what do you need in order to get it? (The answer is always A strong and suitable product and an easy way to get it – are you providing these things?)

Copywriters can only sell your product if you have a clearly definable unique selling point, a unique value proposition which is based on the strength and suitability of your product, and the basic legitimacy of your brand.

As startups, we all have an uphill struggle particularly with establishing our new brand’s “legitimacy” among it’s more established competitors, but we can only strive to earn customer trust in whatever ways we can, and this can start with us defining a clear Unique Selling Point.

Get in touch to discuss your startup’s USP and the copywriting service options available to promote your business 

People Professionals

This is a personal post about the small business owner behind the Clear, Compelling Web Copy –

I was given some great advice – why not niche down into supporting tech startups?

It’s been an awkward sort of couple of months – my unwell and most beloved father (Dr Geoffrey Klempner) lost his battle to kidney failure, dying in hospital after a sharp deterioration.

During this same time, I had been ready to start a tech and digital business accelerator program, the first and best opportunity I had received to gain valuable business help in my locality, but I have not been able to take full advantage of it…

I had attended a couple of sessions, but the stress of dealing with my grief and the many responsibilities which follow a death had and continue to be quite overwhelming.

Unfortunately, I have missed most of the program, but I have simply had other priorities.

Professional advisors recommended I tailor my website towards supporting the many tech startups which exist and require professional writers, and I was very grateful for their advice.

So, as I continue with my responsibilities to my family and to my father’s memory, I will increase my research into tech startups and the digital marketing solutions they require –

Hopefully, I will still be able to gain new opportunities through this accelerator program.

Still more unfortunately, a second close family death followed soon after my own father’s, and though these two bereavements have cemented my schedule of late into the status of “unavailable”, I am continuing to read and research, respond to enquiries, and try to plan my next moves.

I have just finished the book Building a Story Brand by businessman Donald Miller (2017) and given the option to read any number of other sales, marketing and copywriting books, I felt a greater urge to start On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by novelist Stephen King (2000). (Coincidentally, I am also slowly making my way through the audiobook of King’s new novel, Fairy Tale, which was released earlier this autumn…)

Perhaps, as a writer, I desire to simply study writing and storytelling more – as Miller illustrates in his book, customers are the heroes of brand stories, not the brands themselves.

… This has been a personal post about the small business owner behind the Clear, Compelling Web Copy

I look forward to moving forward and to learning and discovering… In the meantime, to all the Solopreneurs especially, let’s keep striving!

Your friendly, neighbourhood copywriter (plus Pablo the Pug)

A Copywriter’s Journey into Building a Brand Online

Copywriters present solutions to the problem faced by all business owners:  Finding the right words to sell a product or service.

For the solopreneur or small business owner, effective marketing is the culmination of great products and great planning –

Creating brand messaging to share your unique selling point and display your brand identity is a time-consuming task requiring much planning and preparation. Bigger businesses assign or outsource this task to professionals such as copy and content writers as well as social media managers.

As a small business owner and copywriter, I can confidently write for web and social media, but creating unique social media content for myself has been a challenge –

There are only so many times copywriters can share information about “calls to action” and “personality-packed clear, effective copy” without sounding repetitive, and so this remains an ongoing project of mine!

I want to create useful, insightful content, as so many other copy and content writers do, but since we have all read the same sales and copywriting books, it’s easy for us to share the exact same information with our followers…

A solution to this problem is found in each of us taking unique moments out of our days, our journeys (personal and professional) and short stories of our relatable values and ambitions, and using these to add personality and integrity to our social media channels…

Another message you may have heard frequently is “Make the customer the centre of the story” and this should especially be done via social media, the online platforms home to so many talented small business owners.

We can do this continually by relating our busy schedules and endless task lists to those of our potential clients –

Copywriters present solutions to the problem faced by all business owners:  Finding the right words to sell a product or service.

This is our job, and so whilst our visitors engage in the busy task lists unique to their brand and industry, the task of creating effective sales messaging can be outsourced to those whose job it is to do exactly that.

Presenting this solution through social media without sounding outrageously repetitive has been a problem for me, however, and so I recently took the liberty of researching the best techniques for social media content creation as they relate to busy small business owners in particular.

Further summarising my own knowledge of web copy and content creation, I have created two, freely downloadable items which can be easily viewed on all devices –

I present these downloads as guides for other solopreneurs similarly navigating their way through different forms of self-promotion and marketing.

On the downloads page, I also include more information about the story of my own low-budget, small business and some relevant pieces of background on myself for any interested party to discover.

Look closely and visitors will see a completed blog is included in the largest of the documents, simply named Ruth Klempner Copywriting – in these recollections I tell the tale of my first year as a modest start-up. I finished this blog because I wish now to create a new narrative –

  • I am a naturally gifted writer and a trained and insured copywriter
  • I have encountered many problems setting up a small business and these have mostly stemmed from not being a natural born entrepreneur
  • I have many qualities, such as attentiveness and attention to detail, which make me a valuable asset to fellow business owners wishing to grow their own brand and income
  • I have much to learn myself about effective social media management, however –
  • My copy is engaging and impactful, and I have a lot to offer ambitious clients as I continue to build my portfolio and strive to earn awesome testimonials

I suspect that many of my problems with social media exist because of a natural shyness to such platforms, though it is essential that I overcome this shyness and indecisiveness if I am to grow as a business online.

This is my big challenge and so I will continue to take steps towards my own brand improvement. I intend to use this new blog to document the lessons I learn along the way, and I hope very much that other small business owners are able to gain insight and inspiration from this one copywriter’s journey into brand development.