Muttersprachlerin Ruth Klempner

Let me begin by stating  that I am an intelligent and competent business writer and an excellent English conversationalist. What I am not is a particularly brilliant entrepreneur or small business strategist!

But there is room for learning in all of our lives 😉 And, universe knows, that there are many things that I personally am yet to learn.

The following document is my previous and now offline blog, one which outlines my first attempt at starting an online business – it is a detailed story of part of my background and of my most recent attempts at building an online business (for any and all who may be curious)…

I imagine I will use this new blog similarly, and document my new journey with a revised business model and revised objectives.

I have done a lot of reading and researching and have some pretty clear conclusions as to why my first attempt at opening an online business was not successful.

The most important of these conclusions is that I was not able to build trust with my target audience – other small business owners wanting to improve their online presence through professional digital marketing and copywriting.

And why couldn’t I build trust? Because I am not a natural entrepreneur and struggled to inspire small business owners to invest their time or their money in my services –

As stated in my offline and archived blog, I must endeavour to build trust and to enable my target audience to see the value of my services and the benefits I can bring to their lives and objectives.

I am Ruth Klempner, and I am a student of life and of business!

I was born in the great city of Sheffield, north England and I help foreign learners develop and utilise excellent business English skills.