Multiple Opportunities and Journeys of Discovery

I recently took a trip to Austria to discover the places my Jewish family lived before and during the Nazi rule.

It was an important trip to take and also important for my sense of heritage. As a mixed race person, a sense of heritage can be hard to grasp.

I appreciated the beauty of the city, however, it was not hard to remember the images and stories of destruction particularly following the events of such as Kristallnacht.

So, in that sense, Vienna especially is a city of two identities. One of beauty and one of horror. But there are few countries without dark histories –

Ultimately, it was a journey of discovery for me, and an opportunity for me to witness and acknowledge the city my ancestors loved and the same one which had shamefully betrayed them.

But I want to return. There’s so much more to learn and discover, and I look forward to having the chance to go back to Austria and to discover more.

In the meantime, my German needs some serious work! I do find the various cases extremely difficult to work my head around and am under no illusions that a good level of German is going to be extremely difficult to achieve.

I also have a lot of business English language materials to sort and effective teaching pathways to build and discover, and before I think of any more trips away, I have a business to build and share J

I want to start recording videos for YouTube as well and I may start experimenting with the right ways to do that tomorrow –

My main objective, to build trust, will be my most important objective and I will be analysing every day the ways I am pursuing and the ways I can and must improve.

Every day is an opportunity to discover – every day we have the chance to learn.

Gainful Self-Employment and the Pursuit of Success

So, what’s happened in between the time I finished my last blog, reassessed my business model and started this revised business and blog? Well, primarily, my father’s death. It has changed my whole life.

I lived with my father, and now I am looking for a new place to live without him.

He was a wonderful father and was always my greatest supporter. Now life seems that much more daunting, but I am not without opportunities.

My greatest weaknesses are the limits of my own creativity and cunning, and so as long as I continue to break through every barrier, everything will be ok.

I have done so much planning in preparation for this new business model. I am confident in my product and in my ability to support students, all I need to do now is to effectively communicate my ability to do so.

Building trust with my target audience was the very great hurdle I failed to overcome during my last attempt at working online and so I am very anxious about how I will overcome it this time.

I need a new marketing strategy and I need to get on with it –

And I need to never let imposter syndrome or despondency get in the way of me working hard to achieve my goals.

I promised my father I would never give up and I don’t plan on breaking that promise.

But business is hard and gainful self-employment and success are harder.

However, like I said – I promised I would never give up…

So, it’s high time I put more of my ambitious plans into action! Watch this space for more –