One small business story

I am a very capable and valuable copywriter, and the only wall in front of me now represents the effort I must spend to achieve my goals.

So, I wanted to share some more of my business journey and my background.

As a start up, my small business cost not much more than £1100. Not of my money of course, I couldn’t afford it on basic universal credit –

Having been long-term unemployed as a result of a back injury at work in 2016 and the many health problems which ensued, I was lucky enough to have a few extremely kind relatives eventually support me into self-employment.

I was bought a copywriting course, a good chunk of web space, and the professional indemnity insurance I would need.

I have spent the time before and during the inception of my new businesses following different job centre instructions and initiatives, whilst all the time having to discuss many private health care matters in full view and hearing of many other, very miserable job centre attendees.

Needless to say, years of mostly fruitless hospital investigations and humiliating job centre interviews have interfered terribly with my self-confidence.

Why am I telling you this?

Because like so many others, I want to tell you that I have experienced rock-bottom, and I have had no hope of any sort of happy or prosperous future.

This admission is important because it is key to understanding my history and my motivations.

Back in 2013, whilst at university, I developed a manual dexterity problem (a problem using my hands for normal tasks such as writing, typing and using a smartphone) which had very many undesirable outcomes including an inability to complete coursework, and therefore, an inability to continue university. In years to come and alongside a back injury and other difficult health problems, I was unable to continue work, and unable to find suitable alternative work or training.

It has only been since 2020 that these health issues have become more manageable, but 2020 was not the best year for training or career building, as you will remember.

Along came 2021, and things were looking a bit better for most people. After years of relying on chronically slow and out of date voice recognition software to assist with my dodgy hands, Google vastly improved their own, free voice recognition application and fast and accurate-enough speech recognition was now available for Windows.

In 2020, with stronger hands and better software, I found myself in the surprising position of being possibly able to complete an online course.

Being unemployed since 2016 and with a variety of work-limiting health problems, my ego had been battered by long-term unemployability and the shame of having to discuss it.

But by the start of the pandemic, my own health was better than it had been in four years, and having been a strong writer since my school days, my father suggested I investigate the possibility of copywriting – something I had never heard of let alone considered studying.

In August 2021, a further relative very kindly paid the £400 I needed to enrol on a copywriting course, and an extremely generous aunt bought me web space (£200), Sheffield Chamber of Commerce membership (£400) and the professional indemnity insurance (£100) I would need to have the best chance of success.

So, after 6 difficult years of unemployment, and with the help of family members, I am now finally equipped with a saleable skill, and a platform on which to share it.

I cannot explain how lucky and how emotional I feel when I think about the position I am in now as compared to the position I had been from 2016 to 2019.

My mind still indulges in everyday imposter syndrome and tells me that I’m useless – but I know it is simply not true. It had seemed true once, and for a very long and difficult time.

But now, everything is so much better.

There is no longer an impossibly high wall blocking my path.

I am not isolated and afraid as I once was.

And although this is a new business, and although I will undoubtedly make many small business owner/ new business owner mistakes before eventually finding my way, I am filled with so much hope and belief for the future.

I am a very capable and valuable copywriter, and the only wall in front of me now represents the effort I must spend to achieve my goals.

It is not impassable as it was before – and that makes me so excited!

I’m ready now to learn the lessons I need to find my way to Victory Road –

I’m turning things around, and will support many other new and growing businesses owners on my way as we all discover our unique journeys to success.

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