For effective digital marketing for your small business, I charge the average daily rate for UK copywriters – £379.

During our discovery calls, we will discuss how many days will be required to complete your project.

Step one: Identify your business aims

Our first discussion will be focused on your brand mission and the ways in which you seek to expand your brand authority.

I will invite you to make an initial selection of copywriting services, and we will discuss your business aims and target audience.

Take your pick of copywriting services including:

  • A comprehensive sales page
  • Multiplatform launch copy
  • Online or in-store marketing copy e.g. adverts, advertorials, sales letters/ emails, posters, displays, brochures etc
  • SEO-friendly and easily shareable, product or service based articles and features
  • Tailor-made press releases
  • Sales pitches, presentations or proposals
  • Web copy e.g. product descriptions for e-commerce, ‘Mission’ or ‘About Us’ pages, ‘News and Updates’ etc
  • Promotional copy for multiple platforms e.g. social media posts or video scripts
  • Brand copy

Following our discovery conversations and in response to your business objectives, I will share a proposal for your unique copywriting service/ package.

Your unique proposal will contain the specifications required for each service you have selected – this proposal will form the blueprint for your copywriting service/ package.

I will invite you to make any alterations necessary.

Step two: Create a package built around your business aims

After you have shared your business aims and proposal alterations – and have decided on which copywriting services you wish to include in your package – I will assemble your blueprint copy.

This blueprint will include detailed outlines of each service you have requested, and I will invite you once more to make any alterations.

Please note:

  • At every stage of our discover journey, I will encourage you to offer corrections so that your copywriting package is exactly what you want it to be
  • If you are unhappy with any service selection, these can be exchanged for others services, or removed entirely
  • Your 100% tailor-made package will be 100% exactly as ordered

Step three: Finalising package details

Once I have a thorough understanding of your business aims, your target audience, and the details you require for each service, I will draft an updated blueprint for your consideration.

Step four: Partial payment, and package assembly

Once you are fully satisfied with your unique copywriting blueprint, we will agree on a timescale and I will accept a 50% deposit of the total sum of your copywriting service or package (via PayPal or bank transfer) before commencing work.

Step five: Draft package evaluation and revisions

Before our pre-arranged deadline, I will require your cooperation in reviewing the drafts I provide via email, for the purposes of quality-assurance.

I will provide two drafts for you to review, and a third and final draft which will ensure all your business needs are met.

Step six: Complete full payment of finished product

Your completed copywriting service/ package will be live and ready for you to employ as part of your ambitious business strategy.

I promise to:

  • Increase you brand exposure, influence and authority by creating an authentic voice which customers recognise as reliable and trustworthy
  • Connect your business with more customers and expand your customer base
  • Build customer trust by creating informative, engaging business copy across multimedia
  • Showcase products and services via multimedia to ensure maximum exposure of your brand and its value as the solution to customer needs

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