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AVE Bags provide stylish, cactus-leather totes for sustainable shoppers eager to marry fashion and conservation in North America.

Founded by a desire to supply consumers with high quality, vegan products, these luxury totes provide fashionistas with an ethical alternative to animal leather.

Sourcing only locally based, sustainable manufacturers, AVE Bags faces challenges similar to other eco-friendly businesses, such as a reliance on good plant growth, plant yield, and increased costs incurred through ethical manufacturing.

Despite these hurdles, AVE Bags presents a superb, high quality product which serves as a sustainable, plant based alternative to animal based items.


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Just the Right Size Tote

  • The look and feel of leather but made from cactus. A tote that’s not too big or too small but a perfect size for all your stuff.

Functional Inner Pockets

  • Individual, inner pockets to keep your phone, keys and wallet secure and unblemished. No more keys scratching your phone!
  • Plus one large pocket to hold your iPad, tablet or small Chromebook.

Large and Solid

  • Big enough to hold all your daily items. Solid enough to stand either full or empty, allowing easy access at all times.

Plant Based

  • The look and feel of leather but made with plants.
  • Made from cactus leather and cotton, linen or rice husks.

What’s different about the AVE Brand?

All our products are made with plant based vegan materials.

The exterior is cactus leather.

The interior is made of natural fabrics, so no polyester!

Our products are manufactured in North America, which avoids the use of ships and pollutants to send goods across the ocean. Read more here.

The AVE (All Vegan) Bag Story

Descended from generations of vegans and vegetarians, we understand the onerous challenge of finding luxury, leather free fashion products.

Over the last 20 years, many of us have been substituting one problem for another. Such as buying toxic PVC instead of animal leather.

But the future is here! With innovative new products, which look and feel similar to leather, but are made from cactus.

Our handbag line goes further by substituting plastics for plant based.

No polyester linings, but bags made almost entirely of cactus, plus cotton, linen, or rice husk.

Why should we reduce our use of plastics?

Well, when I was younger, plastic bags were rare. And paper bags even rarer.

I would go to the market with my grandmother, cloth bags in hand, ready to fill with vegetables. Nowadays, I see plastic bags, gloves and masks on the streets.

All plastics which are fouling our oceans.

Today, many companies produce handbags made from PVB, PVC, nylon and polyester. More plastics which are worsening the crisis.

This inspired the creation of the AVE (All Vegan) Bag brand.

I wanted to create a modern handbag which reminds us all of a time we could pronounce the names of materials used in fashion.

Did you know that PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride?

With the AVE brand, you can be fashionable without worrying about the toxic tanning chemicals used to treat animal leather.


  • We don’t buy from factories in Asia that use coal power, and require heavily pollutant ships to deliver products across the ocean.
  • We manufacture at home in the United States, Mexico, and soon in Canada.
  • We us plant based materials.
  • Our first product is a Tote bag. Made to hold all your daily essentials. Made from Plants.
  • Available in rich, navy blue.

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