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Jungle Jar (Laos)

Jungle Jar is a revolutionary social enterprise connecting rural communities in Laos to the global marketplace.

Sourcing bamboo from local jungle, Jungle Jar works with rural villagers to create simple, handmade, 100% sustainable bamboo water bottles.

Bamboo is replanted and is a great, lightweight, and versatile alternative to plastic.

The Jungle Jar social enterprise started in February 2021 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many local families began to suffer significant losses of income due to border closures and a lack of tourists from the cultural capital and central city of Luang Prabang.

Jungle Jar now offers supplementary income to villagers, and helps empower women and older members of villages to diversify from subsistence farming.

The enterprise also provides educational trips for high school and university students interested in social enterprise.

Many young people in Laos are taken out of high school by their parents in order to help work the land.

Jungle Jar recognises the struggle many families face in affording the transport, food and accommodation necessary to send their children to high school.

In addition to water bottle production therefore, this far-reaching, social enterprise also provides funding to cover the expenses required for local youth to finish their high school education.

Jungle Jar currently has plans to build a high school dormitory out of reclaimed plastic bottles which will sleep eight students free of charge.

Naturest (USA)

Naturest supplies 100% organic eucalyptus lyocell bedding sheets to consumers eager for a luxurious and eco-friendly sleeping experience at home.

Founded in Houston, Texas, by Chinese-born sustainable business owner Grace Wang, Naturest provides a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic bedding.

With products sourced from a fair paying, well maintained, foreign manufacturing facility, Naturest bedsheets are produced using 100% eco-friendly eucalyptus wood pulp, and treated without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

In fact, almost 100% of chemicals used in eucalyptus bedding production can be recycled and used again for further products.

Naturest items are shipped to consumers using zero percent plastic packaging, and are a more sustainable option even than cotton and bamboo, using still less water, land and chemicals to be produced.

Grace’s mission is to provide customers with a guiltless and inspiring, healthy new way to sleep.

Her sustainable brand’s products are highly breathable and skin friendly.

Pure, organic eucalyptus has natural antibacterial qualities, is moisture wicking to prevent sweating, and is super smooth and silky for a beautifully comfortable night’s sleep.

Naturest provides an innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly sleeping experience which enables  consumers to care for both themselves and the planet with the same purchase.

AAU Styles (UK)

AAU Style is a sustainable living online retailer providing attractive, eco-friendly alternatives to non-sustainable products.

Based in the UK, AAU Style features eco-friendly products such as zebra wood sunglasses, biodegradable phone cases, ergonomic aluminium laptop stands, and handwoven storage trays. 

Also included amongst their listings is a short but thorough sustainable living blog that forms a small education in eco-living to all visitors interested in learning more.

Launched during the pandemic of 2020 by Zara, a Manchester mother eager to evolve from what she perceived to be her own wasteful and consumption-based mindset -AAU Style provides a carefully curated range of stylish, sustainably sourced and manufactured products to eco-conscious consumers in the UK.

This eco-friendly store and accompanying blog and literature are a valuable resource to all seekers of sustainable lifestyles who wish to gain from the knowledge and skills of others in order to live a life less wastefully.

Clarity Eyewear Boutique (USA)

Clarity Eyewear Boutique (CEB) of Washington state, USA, sell sustainable eyewear sourced from companies dedicated to supporting humanitarian and environmentally friendly projects both in the US and abroad.

Founded in December 2019 by Amy King, an optician with 27 years experience, CEB provides a range of recycled and sustainable options to customers with similar concerns for reducing plastic waste within the industry.

CEB features brands including Eco Eyewear, a company which uses recycled and bio based material to create it’s eco frames, and plants a tree for every product purchased, and Modo Brooklyn Made – a company providing free vision screenings, prescription glasses and corrective treatments to children in India whilst supporting Eco®, a company manufacturing frames from ocean plastic and recycled metals.

The only sustainability-focused opticians in Washington, Clarity Eyewear Boutique is a leader in environmentally friendly eyewear alternatives in the USA.

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