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Award-winning Medieval Banquets at Abbey Lane Hotel, #Lancashire – Party like it’s 1539 with an evening of live music, opulence and enchantment! Click below to book today 

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Abbey Lane Hotel, Lancashire, presents Award-Winning Medieval Banquets –  

Calling all aspiring Lordes and Laydes! An evening of indulgence and enchantment awaits those bold enough to leave their inhibitions at home and party like it’s 1539. 

With medieval costume dress encouraged, enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening of bawdy fashions and fun, and more food than you could shake a horse-drawn carriage at. 

Be captivated by a candle-lit world rich in history and memory as Abbey Lane’s Crawshaw Baronial Hall transports you to a bygone era of opulence and charm. A self-contained, medieval assembly hall complete with stone flag floors and knights in armour, you’ll find no grander venue nor fairer feast in all the land! 

Gather together your most esteemed friends and colleagues and book your banquet today at 

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Abbey Lane Hotel presents Crawshaw Baronial Hall and award winning medieval banquets! 

Entertaining work friends and colleagues for over forty years, take some time away from the office to enjoy an extraordinary medieval venue with full stage show, live music, and a feast fit to feed an army of work associates. 

With medieval costume a must, dine as Lordes and Laydes for a fantastic night of goodwill and merriment. 

Visit today and book the best banquet Elizabethan England has to offer! 

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The Miracle Maker – Turn Water Into Wine From Just £99 P/M 

Buy The Miracle Maker Exclusively On Project Pope, The Number One Transubstantiation Provider In The UK. Order Today To Get 50% Off Your First Three Months! 

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Newsletter Features


Going above and beyond to ensure customers of all abilities have a fantastic shopping experience 

One of only a small number of companies to have a designated Disability Awareness Manager, KitchenWiz are proud to introduce Rachel Meyer. 

Former retail supervisor and experienced equality campaigner, Rachel has overseen accessibility initiatives in all 19 of our UK stores. 

Working closely with disability charities and NHS-registered occupational therapists, Rachel has an in-depth knowledge of the different requirements of individuals living life with disabilities.  

Together with health experts and KitchenWiz’ own highly skilled engineers, Rachel has overseen the release of a new product line adapted especially for customers with compromised fine motor skills. 

Ensuring all KitchenWiz customers have access to high quality, easy to use products, Rachel demonstrates everyday that excellent customer service requires an understanding of the unique needs of different individuals. 

Making frequent visits to KitchenWiz shop floors nationwide, Rachel engages with customers and staff to ensure no customer need goes overlooked. 

Running online and in-person training with KitchenWiz staff in all stores, Rachel ensures all employees benefit from the highest levels of training in disability awareness available in the industry. 

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A Message from KitchenWiz Owner, Barbara Strachan: Our staff are rated FIVE STARS for FANTASTIC customer service! 

At KitchenWiz, we know that to earn customer loyalty we need superb products and fantastic customer service – 

That’s why our customer service was recently rated FIVE STARS by Kitchenware Enterprise Awards for our top team of product experts and  first-class customer service and experience managers. 

Kitchenware companies from across the country compete each year for the privilege of being awarded such recognition, and KitchenWiz customers benefit everyday from our constant commitment to the highest standards of customer service available in the UK. 

Brian Campbell, manager at KitchenWiz, Harrogate, and his team of dedicated staff were honoured also with a Kitchenware Enterprise Community Strength Award for special services to their community. Brian and his staff provide free guidance in kitchen health and safety training and make regular visits to schools and drop-in centres throughout Harrogate and surrounding areas. 

I recently visited Brian’s branch to congratulate them and met with Grace Larsden, a newly promoted KirchenWiz retail supervisor. 

With a wide smile Grace confided to me, “We are proud to serve our community with the highest standards of care and commitment.” 

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KitchenWiz Sponsors a Merry Christmas and a Hopeful New Year at St Luke’s Hospice, Peterborough 

“Life’s not over until the fridge packs in!” Boasts 96-year-old Dennis Nelson, freshly baked mince pie in one hand, his eight-year-old great, granddaughter’s hand in the other. 

Donating over 100 new appliances and sets of utensils to the newly renovated St. Luke’s Hospice in Peterborough, KitchenWiz warehouse representatives, also based in the city, worked with local chefs to serve a Christmas feast to residents and their families, and to the kind staff dedicated to caring for them all. 

“My mother struggled in hospital during her battle with cancer earlier this year, but she spent her final weeks under the love and care of the staff here at St Luke’s,” shares Ursula Reinhardt, retail assistant at KitchenWiz, Peterborough, “I suggested to our manager, David, that we could support St Luke’s by sponsoring their Christmas party, and he agreed!” 

“We have had a wonderful afternoon,” says Elaine Doherty, manager at St. Luke’s, “Since this is a hospice, our joy has been bittersweet, but residents and relatives alike have all said what a wonderful opportunity this has been to make some beautiful, long-lasting memories. Thank you KitchenWiz.” 

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SEO-Friendly Article

Moving Abroad Made Easy: Stay Calm and Say Cheese! 

You’ve finally done it. You’ve taken your things, your family maybe, and relocated to a foreign land. 

Now you’re arranging your new home, exploring your new neighbourhood, and wondering why you didn’t make the move sooner. 

Living overseas isn’t only an opportunity for high-flyers, but an option available to all born with a taste for adventure. 

But how does this convoluted business of migration work – or is international travel really the smarter person’s compromise?  

Try telling that to Briton’s already enjoying the endless sun and glistening shores of Australia. Or the diverse landscapes of the US. 

Or even the sweet-smelling boulangeries of French villages – almost 5.5 million British citizens have already made the leap to a new life abroad… 

So, what do they know that you don’t? 

Quite simply: 

They know how not to be bamboozled by information.  

They know to be patient, meticulous and methodical with their research. 

So, let’s break it down.  


“I want to live and work in [your chosen destination]. What do I need to do?” 

1. Get to grips with the legal stuff 

Don’t get overwhelmed. Carefully research your chosen country’s immigration requirements – 


  • In the US, Brits need a Green Card to become a lawful resident.  
  • In Dubai, you need one of several visas, such as an employment visa.  
  • Within the EU, Brit’s need to research specific member states’ immigration requirements.  
  • In Australia, you need to be under the age of 45 and score 65 or more in their points-based immigration system. 

If you satisfy your chosen country’s immigration requirements, it’s time to start work on your application! 

2. Organising your documents and finances 

Tie up your loose ends e.g. Unpaid taxes, outstanding contract charges, and notifications of your intent to all relevant organisations such as your bank, your GP and utility providers. 

Also, your birth certificate, medical records, insurance policies, visa or permit documentation as well as your passport must all be valid and correct, with copies made of each document for your own security. 

3. Pack up and get going! 

Immigration applications take time and patience, but once successful, you can get your things together, and find a new property abroad – 

PSS Removals is an FIDI Global Alliance and British Association of Removers approved and accredited international removals company based in the UK. 

A bespoke service, complete with a removals manager to coordinate the transport of your irreplaceable items over land, sea and sky, PSS Removals is the experienced and efficient removals company crucial to the success of your relocation. 

Good luck and have fun, there’s a whole, new world waiting for you! 

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