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Free Features for Green Businesses on Large Online Sustainable Business Index 

Sustainable businesses around the world are benefitting from free, personalised features produced and published by online green business directory, Striver. 

Founded by experienced hydroponics farmer, US-born Austin Kasso, business owners specialising in similar eco-friendly manufacturing and distribution methods are being welcomed to participate in an initiative to promote sustainable living in all corners of the globe. 

Founder and administrator of his 120k members strong Sustainable Living Facebook group, Kasso works with a small team of voluntary copywriters to engage with independent, green business owners for the purposes of acquiring information about themselves, their location and their business structures. 

Information gathered from each enterprise is fashioned into unique, page long, features detailing the mission and achievements of each owner and business. 

European expat, Eduard Xavier, who now lives with his family on a small island in Thailand, explains what a free feature on Striver means to him and his small, family business: 

“Since moving my family to this beautiful country, we have all been distressed to see the amount of plastic pollutants washing up everyday on our otherwise stunning coastal line.  

My family and I now collect plastic bottle top waste and have invested in machinery to shred and melt them down into 100% recycled and saleable, sea turtle ornaments. 

We are running on a tight budget and so a free feature on Striver helps us share our sustainable mission with the world! 

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of an online directory focused on presenting opportunities for responsible purchasing.” 

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Email marketing

Dear business owner,  

Want to stay ahead of the curve and learn the best ways to improve energy efficiency on your premises? 

Lake Tech Maintenance Service Presents

Future-proofing Your Business: 

Expert Insights into Cutting Your Carbon Footprint and Boosting Fuel Efficiency 

• A family legacy of professional service serving Yorkshire and the Humber 

• A total of 55 years experience in commercial heating engineering 

Senior engineers host this exclusive opportunity to gain expert recommendations on all the mechanical and engineering innovations you need to reach your carbon footprint goals. 

• Attend expert talks on improving energy efficiency in your specific, commercial premises  

• Participate in Q & As  

• Benefit from informative, roundtable discussions  

Date: Monday 28 November 2022

Venue: Dame Lucy Black Event Hall, 244 Fargate, Sheffield, S1 4JL 

Time: 09:00 – 16:30 

Speakers: Linda Lake, company director and senior engineer.  

Jake Andersen, fellow director and senior engineer. 

Emma Battersby, Renewable Energy Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University 

Jo Taylor, Environmental Consultant, Neutral UK™ 

Finish the day able to: 

• Identify the optimum configuration of fuel saving equipment for your commercial premises 

• Access portfolios of carbon offsetting initiatives  

• Cut spending and shrink your carbon footprint as you prepare your business for a greener future 

“Had a fantastic, full-on day at this event!  

Learnt an enormous amount about the many possibilities available to make my business greener, and met with loads of business owners with similar premises, experiences and challenges to myself.  

Had some really great discussions with some amazing engineers. 

I’m now ready to get started on implementing the specific changes my business needs to cut our carbon footprint and get set for a cleaner future” 

– Jamie Heart, Foundation Solutions, Leeds

RSVP to register your attendance. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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