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Health and Wealth: A Green New Deal for Great Britain  

Britain reimagined for success and sustainability

A £100 billion Green New Deal for the UK means warmer homes, better infrastructure, cleaner industry and more jobs. 

Innovation and investment which will transform all sectors, get ready for an ultramodern, energy efficient and adaptable future.  

Live well and dream big! A low carbon future means more funding to local authorities for in-depth training and better jobs.  

These sustainable strategies will  improve platforms for education and enterprise nationwide. And the introduction of Universal Basic Income and comprehensive improvements to transport links means these exciting training and employment opportunities will be available for all to participate. 

In addition, support and incentives for urban farming means communities of all backgrounds will be able to grow and sustain their own fresh produce. And the creation of new green spaces will provide more opportunities for exercise and a greater number of habitats for local wildlife to thrive. 

A vote for the Green Party is a vote to accelerate Britain into a brighter and better future for all. 

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Leaflet Copy

Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon Prime are great but can they satisfy the taste of one million raving horror fans?


Shudder is a no-contract horror, thriller, and suspense online streaming service with a 1M strong subscriber list and counting…

Hosting over 200, human-curated, ad-free films and TV series ranging from rare, hard to find gems like homicidal snowman slasher, Jack Frost (1997), to 1970’s masterpiece, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre –

Nerds and subscribers alike can discover endless, gruesome delights and spooky adventures including exclusives and Shudder originals for only £4.99 p/m, no commitment.

“Ignore my words at your peril! Shudder is the creepy best friend you will love and fear. I’ve laughed, and screamed, and left the light on all night. Shudder is not for the light-hearted, but it will set your heart alight with undead thrill and waking terror…”

– Amy Danger, Shudder subscriber for two years

With new films and episodes being added every month, make the most of life by embracing fear –

Sign up today and get the first month free! Visit or download the app.

What have you got to lose? Maybe your sanity…

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Business Proposal:

You have a range of over 200 organic food products and have recently made a “Healthy, sustainable diet pledge” which includes the aim to increase plant-based meats sales by 300% 

With more customers even more discerning of their food choices, take full advantage of the drive for sustainable living and solidify your place not only as the UK’s most popular supermarket, but as the runaway, largest supplier of organic food to consumers in the UK 

I’m Julius Caesar and I specialise in supporting sustainable businesses – for Shop I can design copy which speaks directly to environmentally-conscious customers, empowering them to “do their bit” by purchasing organic products without compromising the high quality expected from Shop. 

Shop wants to increase it’s “healthy products” from 58% currently to 65% by 2025, and the ever increasing scientific, political, and celebrity attention on the issue of environmental protection means that many other businesses are also responding positively to the climate-conscious times and eco-friendlier expectations of the average consumer. 

I can support Shop by writing inspiring, informative copy, for in-store marketing, adverts, brochures, video scripts, social media or web – copy which reassures your most scrutinous of customers that organic purchases are better for our environment and for livestock. 

Expect a minimum 25% increase in sales as my expert copy ignites your customer’s inner environmentalist and inspires them to return for more organic food purchases. 

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