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Here I offer the opportunity for small and independent business owners across the UK to share their unique stories:

Your successes, your best products and your aspirations

Fill these pages with:

  • Images, anecdotes and links to yourself and your business friends

It is my intention for this section to become an INSPIRATIONAL RESOURCE for ALL STRIVING business owners. Why?

Because I want us to support and inspire one other! And I want YOU to share YOUR business story –

  • What inspired you to build a business?
  • What have been amongst your greatest successes, and what have been some of your challenges?
  • What do your customers say about your business – and how are your products and/ or services improving the consumer world?

Ad Feature Example: Beer Central (Moor Market, Sheffield)

Trees and booze.

Visit Sheffield! Explore the peaks, enjoy the trees in every garden and street corner, and grab a craft beer or cider –

Because life is better spent in the company of a well-stocked public house, and the great, green expanse of public parks. But in our post-pandemic world, can you ensure the pleasures of a perfect pint will always be available to sup amongst the picturesque views of Europe’s greenest city?

You may find yourself stuck inside with multipacks of reliably ordinary but popular recipes – hello Carling – with no hope of locally-brewed reprieve? But maybe that is fear-mongering…

Leading the sling and scurry of Sheffield’s multilayer Moor Market with a colourful, jam-packed, market entrance store, Beer Central welcomes customers with a library of craft beer and cider favourites to serve as ideal alternatives to multipack fall-backs.

“Selling beer & chatting to amazing people really is a dream job and we love every minute of every day, lucky to do what we do”, says co-owner Sean, “We don’t play it safe when choosing stock, so we tend to have things that other stockists might not consider.”

Beer Central opened its doors the same day the Moor Market opened to the public in November 2013 – the years since have brought success and a band of loyal customers who can purchase craft favourites in store or order online!

For beverage lovers eager to experience a range of exciting and original tastes from the comfort of their own garden this summer, head  home via Beer Central, Moor Market, with your own crate of craft paradise!     

[Many thanks to co-owner Sean at Beer Central for his permission to write about his successful small business]

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So what sort of content can you share?

Well, that depends entirely on what image you want to share.

If you want to share the story of how self-employment started as a dream, or as a necessity, then explain what happened –

  • Guide us on the journey of your business history
  • Tell us about the people you met along the way (link to their businesses or social media pages if you want)
  • And share what excited and maybe even what worried you along the way

As you have discovered from my own website and from my blog in particularly, I have chosen to be pretty honest.

I make no claims that I’ve known exactly what I’ve been doing since starting this venture, and I have given an overview of both the fortunes and the misfortunes which I have I encountered along the way through various, honest blog posts.

I have made the conscious choice to employ this honesty in order to better connect with others who may have had similar wonky paths through life, but nevertheless are determined to keep growing and to acknowledge and build on every success, and every obstacle.

If you are the proud owner of a similarly resilient small business, then why not tell us –

You never know which local or aspiring entrepreneur you might encourage or inspire 🙂

  • If you don’t want to go into too much detail or go too deep, then you don’t need to. Why not introduce yourself and your small business, maybe some of your best products, and finish with some links?

If you’re a small business owner in the UK, then this is your space to share as much or as little information as you wish –

It would be a pleasure to be able to help support your local business with this little bit of extra, totally free web space 🙂

  • Alternatively, if you’d like some free web content for your own website, then message me and lets discuss!

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