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Small Business Support Digital Marketing

Build your customer base by embracing infinite opportunities for free marketing online

  • Reach new customers, and nurture relationships with previous ones
  • Discover your business’ full market share
Small Business Support Web Development

Develop your online home

Your website is like your shop front – it may be modest, but it should still be hugely INSPIRING!

  • Display your best products and offers with words that compel visitors into action
  • Feature exciting information about yourself and your work, and
  • Include many shareable and engaging features and articles relevant to your products and industry
  • Leave your visitors in no doubt as to your knowledge and legitimacy
Small Business Support Social Media

Build your social media empire

Social media is your key to broad-reaching, multiplatform marketing messaging

  • Develop and disseminate a BRAND VOICE which grabs attention from your competitors
  • Promote your business and products with attractive, informative, easy to read, social media posts and displays
  • Be inspiring, encouraging and persistent – post regularly, and engage with communities in your industry!
Small Business Support Digital Marketing

Utilise further, free, online marketing methods

A great website and thriving social media are the start of your flourishing business journey! Expand your influence and your network by producing original content and commentary for:

  • Your own business blog and industry discussion forums
  • Targeted email messages to your subscriber list
  • Video and audio scripts for platforms including YouTube and Podcast media

Get started!

For effective digital marketing through copywriting, I charge the average daily rate for UK copywriters – £387. But hagglers are welcome and encouraged 😉 …

  • Don’t forget – All Services Currently Free/ No Strings
  • Don’t miss out – Get in touch today to secure your pro digital marketing package!

Step one: Identify your business aims

Our first discussion will be focused on your brand mission and the ways in which you seek to expand your brand authority.

I will invite you to make an initial selection of services, and we will discuss your business aims and target audience.

small business support

Select digital marketing services including:

  • Website content e.g. product descriptions for e-commerce, ‘Mission’ or ‘About Us’ pages, ‘News and Updates’ etc
  • Dynamic, multiplatform social media posts
  • Online or in-store marketing copy e.g. adverts, advertorials, sales letters/ emails, posters, displays, brochures etc
  • SEO-friendly and easily shareable product or service based articles and features
  • Tailor-made press releases and promotional pieces
  • Sales pitches, presentations or proposals
  • Podcast and video scripts

Following our discovery conversations and in response to your business objectives, I will share a proposal for your unique digital marketing package.

Your unique proposal will contain the specifications required for each service you have selected – this proposal will form the blueprint for your tailor-made product.

I will invite you to make any alterations necessary.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Step two: Create a package built around your business aims

After you have shared your business aims and proposal alterations, and when you have decided on which copywriting services you wish to include in your package – I will assemble your blueprint copy.

This blueprint will include detailed outlines of each service you have requested, and I will invite you once more to make any alterations.

Please note:

  • At every stage of our discover journey, I will encourage you to offer corrections so that your copywriting package is exactly what you want it to be
  • If you are unhappy with any service selection, these can be exchanged for others services, or removed entirely
  • Your 100% tailor-made package will be produced as ordered

Step three: Finalising package details

Once I have a thorough understanding of your business aims, your target audience, and the details you require for each service, I will draft an updated blueprint for your consideration.

Step four: Partial payment, and package assembly

Once you are fully satisfied with your unique copywriting blueprint, we will agree on a timescale and I will accept a 50% deposit of the total sum of your copywriting service or package (via PayPal or bank transfer) before commencing work.

Strategies to support small businesses

Step five: Draft package evaluation and revisions

Before our pre-arranged deadline, I will require your cooperation in reviewing the drafts I provide via email, for the purposes of quality-assurance.

I will provide two drafts for you to review, and a third and final draft which will ensure all your business needs are met.

Step six: Complete full payment of finished product

Your completed copywriting service/ package will be live and ready for you to employ as part of your robust business marketing strategy.

small business support digital marketing
Labour Fruits

As a certified copywriter, I promise to:

  • Increase you brand exposure, influence and authority by creating an authentic voice which customers recognise as reliable and trustworthy
  • Connect your business with more customers and expand your customer base
  • Build customer trust by creating informative, engaging business copy adaptable across multiple platforms
  • Showcase products and services via multimedia to ensure maximum exposure of your brand and its value as the solution to customer needs

Be Magnificent – Invest In Words

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Small Business Support Digital Marketing

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