Self-employment and adapting my work around my health

These are just some bits about me 🙂

It is Monday, May 16th 2022 and today I visited the Business and Intellectual Property Centre at Sheffield Central Library. I only recently discovered this resource existed and it very helpfully provides many databases which are of great use to business owners across Sheffield.

Of course, I could only take 45 minutes of my allotted 2 hours because the chairs were so uncomfortable and my back was pleading for me to leave and walk around, but what I gleamed from that 45 minutes studying industry trends was very useful and some definite food for thought!

I’m sure I read somewhere that back problems were one of the primary causes of unemployment in the UK –

Mostly I manage mine ok, with some excellent tips and exercises from a local physio.

I have intimated in several blog posts as to the reasons that I have set up this small business – being able to work around my health being one of them.

The wonderful thing about being able to read and write and engage in the varied pursuits of digital marketing for a living is that in this great, digital age, if I need to walk around and work then I can, and I do –

I can dictate my work into my smartphones, as well as my laptop, and my Microsoft Office subscription holds and manages my work across my different devices.

I mentioned in a previous post that I use the popular graphic design app, Canva, a graphic design app which I can also use on my phones or on my laptop to create social media posts or images for my website.

So, although I am physically unable to commit to the type of manual work which I was used to do in my early 20s, I read and I listen, and I write.

Since I am still a process of building my business, my work/play balance is not what society says it “should be”.

I cannot generally rest my mind well, not when I know I still have so much to do and discover –

But I do enjoy the repose of a good audiobook (mainly Harry Potter I’m not ashamed to say!), and a pleasant landscape with some good music doesn’t go amiss either.

I enjoy cider in the sun (when there is sun), or else an overly sweet frappuccino – or a Coke Zero if funds are tight.

My dream is to be able to visit and spend time in my Jewish grandfather’s home city of Vienna, and to learn some better German.

These are just some bits about me 🙂

I hope to become acquainted with you and your small business very soon!

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