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Why can’t I celebrate the successes of other small and independent business owners

It is difficult to overcome the objection that your free promo simply isn’t worth the energy organising – 

I get that. But this indicates a problem again with my need to more accurately determine the correct target audience:

(As I have said, free promo pages are an unusual offer to be making to an audience, but my idea had been to offer it as a useful support and an introduction to myself and my business)

Absolutely new businesses want to GROW. I know that because I’m a new business and I want to grow!

The businesses I have sought to speak to are already mature and blossoming, and as wonderful as it would be to be able to hear their stories, I think it will have to wait. I don’t yet have their trust, nor have I made them a tempting enough offer.

I, myself, would appreciate extra, insightful, useful and free web space – so which other business owners are like me? These will be the individuals who make up a more appropriate target audience.

The creatives. Artists, designers, crafts people, musicians, performers –

Those who are seeking to use their skills and talents to work full-time, and could do with? Some extra, free promo.

A helping hand – and I want to give it. I certainly know the struggles of setting up a business from next to nothing, and needing things like online influence (digital marketing) …

So, should I change the name? Is “Small Business Excellence” too grandiose – or even too optimistic?

Why should it be? Why can’t I celebrate the successes of other small and independent business owners – after all, these people inspire me. I want to be just like them –

Strong. Smart. Successful.

And if they’re just starting out like me, then let’s hear their stories, discover their skills, and share their excellence!

I wont pretend that I don’t find this very difficult. After six years of unemployment, the network of people you still know declines dramatically. 

Illness, lack of resources, and lack of confidence can lead you to spiral into a void, and for a long time.

But I’m sufficiently nosey to still have a bright and inquiring mind, and although the task could benefit from a magic wand, I will continue to make my introductions. I will offer a courtesy, like a freebie, and I will remain engaged and optimistic.

My real task, as a business owner, is actually pitching my PRODUCT. THAT is something I need to think deeply about –

The Where and the How. And it’s pretty imperative (!) –

I know the process and the theory, of course, I am a copywriter! But do I present enough value and benefits? Absolutely – unlike most, I’m open to negotiation and you’re very best haggling.

Hire my skills for a brilliant price, or Get some free promo, and help your new business grow online!

I’m irresistible, really 😉

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