Build trust with customer-centric habits

You are a purveyor of solutions and benefits.

Great profit is the goal but long-term success is determined by the great service you CONSISTENTLY provide for your customers.

Listening to every piece of feedback you receive, and striving everyday to provide the best customer experience is what an individual intent on learning and PROGRESS will do –

And to build and maintain customer trust, it is essential.

As customers ourselves, what do we appreciate from retailers and service providers?

Friendly, helpful staff and an environment built on undeniable competence, and efficiently.

This may seem totally obvious (it is). But sometimes the message of “customer first” can get lost in the pursuit of sales –

You are a purveyor of solutions and benefits.

Your customers need you to always have the answer to their problems as this is how you retain their custom.

Maintain a constant dialogue with them –

Share and share your customer-centric products and services through social media, and engage with those in your audience who may have questions and comments.

These queries are often echoed by further customers online who are seeking reassurance that your products are indeed the right ones for them.

Social media silence doesn’t inspire confidence – nor does a lack of news or updates or anything else that reminds your audience that you’re here, you’re RELEVANT and you’re ready to serve.

Engaging with your audience means a regular conversation with your customers.

Be a business which engages with the online world and appreciate its varying opinions, trends, and expectations.

Be THOROUGHLY customer-centric, and welcome the opportunity to improve your business through constructive feedback.

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