Anticipating Objections…

We don’t need any free promo

Regarding my Small Business Excellence plans:

Such is the success of so many small and independent businesses in Sheffield, I strongly anticipate this objection from many of them –

Why do they need my help, they’ve got this far by themselves! Well, that’s precisely why I want to speak to them –

I want them to share more about their journeys:

It’s like representative journalism. Documenting the tales of normal people, quite literally, going about their everyday business.

But WHY?

Because it’s FASCINATING!

To new and striving business owners like myself, the stories of how others have achieved SUCCESS would be an invaluable resource – and much the infinitely more fascinating since those others would be locals too…

I’m planning to connect with other professionals in Sheffield and SY via LinkedIn as well – I will request a connection, and introduce myself.

I will share posts about my website on my LI feed and possibly some regarding these blog posts too, and as I increase my engagement with other accounts, I trust others will similarly engage with me.

LI is wonderful for gleaming insights and stories into others’ successes, and I hope to get some good ideas for my Small Business Excellence pages and for my appeals for contributions from those who share on LI too.

I will also seek to correspond with those professionals and business owners in South Yorkshire who contribute to LI, and hopefully I will gain some contributions to my SBE pages via this platform too.

Am I just too nosey? Am I expecting too much?

I’m certainly too nosey. And as a new copywriter, I am certainly approaching building my business with no small amount of optimism –

But I’m TRYING to temper it with reason. That it why I try to anticipate every objection – this itself is a basic principle of copywriting. Overcoming objections. 

It was one of the first things we were taught as independent sales advisors too, as attempting to sell random broadband to unsuspecting members of the public required one to –

Anticipate and overcome every objection.

And so in the spirit of honesty, and transparency, I’m going to share the basic message I will be sending to small businesses across Sheffield and South Yorkshire in regard to my SBE ambitions:

(It doesn’t overcome every objection, there is not enough room for that, I will just have to trust some will follow the link and discover this post and more!)

Hi [business], I’m a fellow local business owner and member of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry 🙂  I’m inviting all local businesses to receive a free (no strings) single or multiple page feature on my digital marketing and copywriting website,

Visit the website and you’ll find the menu link:

Small Business Excellence (SBE)

I’m a copywriter, and in SBE I intend to publish single and multiple page features (including social media and backlinks) on successful small and/ or independent businesses around South Yorkshire.

These features are offered as a free promotional space to all local businesses and will feature stories and images of your business, your successes, and your aspirations for the future! (Should you wish to share them 😉

I offer this space as a supportive, online courtesy to fellow small business owners and as a way to introduce myself and my copywriting business

I hope to build a diverse and inspiring resource of small business stories, images and links to reflect the wealth of innovation and skill which can be found within the orbit of small and independent businesses in South Yorkshire! 

Explore the website and discover my story, my motives, and more information about my work for small businesses. 

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your free/ no-strings, single or multiple page feature!

Message me via:

@ruthklempnercopy (Instagram)

Or call/ message: 07951 848 404

Also, if you would prefer, we can arrange a video call 

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon

Ruth Klempner

PS: If you know of any other local business owners who may be interested in free, promotional web space and backlinks, please feel free to invite them and to pass on my details. Thank you  

Is it short and to-the-point enough? Kind of. Does it overcome objections? No. Is it polite, and encouraging? I hope so. Will I adjust it as the weeks go on and as I receive, or fail to receive, positive responses? Definitely.

It is an odd thing that I am offering –

But as I say in the letter, it is an introduction!

Instead of introducing myself with a sales offer, I am doing so with a (not useless) freebie…

Is this my insane optimism gone into overdrive? Possibly – I don’t know! *Wails*

But I have to try, as INTRODUCTIONS are prudent at this juncture –

I’m “opening my shop”, how can I win attention, and begin to build…


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