Self-Appraisal & Brand Growth

Does that strengthen my image or diminish it?

My limited experience means I am an unknown – simple as. But many business owners started as unknowns, so how did they come to build their brand and their influence?

Perhaps they blogged less and networked more – I don’t doubt it 😂

I blog to create literature which will help prove my authenticity – I don’t want to only be known through my salesly talk.

I want to document the process of building my own business and provide access to anyone who should be interested enough to read.

But “Ruth Klempner” is thus far unknown – how can I strengthen my brand and my influence?

I refer back to my blog post Build Your Brand – Build Your Influence:

I speak about sharing benefits “Everywhere” and “Everyday”. I guess in truth, I haven’t been pitching like this – I have instead been offering my introductions and promotion, and I will continue to offer that. But what should be a concurrent move?

I can hear something screaming, “Pitching!!”

If I am confident in the value and the benefits gained through purchase of my product (which I am), then what am I waiting for?

I can still offer free promo as a taster for anyone eager to gain some free marketing –

But for the sake of my brand I should be OOZING confidence.

I have been wondering how to introduce myself on LinkedIn. A lot of people are very honest on LI about their difficult pasts, but these stories always end in tales of their burgeoning success…

My best success so far has simply been surviving my health problems and continuing to strive no matter what.

Does that strengthen my image or diminish it? Maybe a bit of both.

But that’s where I am.

Can I strengthen my brand on the basis of “Striving No Matter What”?

I’m going to have to – that’s my story.

So my social media and online marketing should be built around the message of STRIVING.

Of course, I have used this word many times before in this blog and on this website, but have I understood it deeply enough to be able to use it in marketing?

Perhaps only now I do.

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Why Effective Digital Marketing is SO Important

How are you creating a warm and encouraging customer experience and purchasing environment?

As a consumer, what do you respond to?

Bright, welcoming displays? Enthusiastic words, and descriptions?

Or the new opportunities for luxury and/ or convenience which come with the purchase of a new product or service?

Perhaps all of these things –

  • An attractive sales display draws our attention
  • Exciting product descriptions spell out possibilities and potential, which in turn create…
  • New chances to enjoy life by enjoying a new product 

Pleasure is only a purchase away!

So, how are you creating pleasure purchase pathways for customers?

Whether you have premises or whether your products and/ or services are only advertised online, how are you creating a warm and encouraging customer experience and purchasing environment?

In short: How effective is your digital marketing?

As you know and may have read from my previous posts, you are selling BENEFITS:

OPPORTUNITIES for something great!

Your BRAND VOICE must speak to customers’ needs and desires –

You know your target audience, so research and anticipate what matters to them most…

And provide the SOLUTIONS.

A familiar and reassuring brand voice is achieved through:


And bigger companies outsource or employ copywriters to achieve the targeted and consistent brand voice required to sell their products.

After-all, business owners and managers are busy running their businesses – but the best recognise that professionals writers are an indispensable tool for increasing their profits.

A professional copywriter, or a team of copywriters, will provide all main company literature. For online literature that means:

  • Web copy, including SEO friendly product descriptions, articles and features
  • Multi platform social media posts
  • Multi media adverts 
  • Email marketing messages
  • Press releases and promotional pieces 
  • Video scripts and much more besides…

The most experienced copywriters may charge anything they want, such is their high value to profit-driven business leaders –

But as a new copywriter, with certification and with voluntary experience, I am offering small business owners the chance to access these high quality services at a negotiated price. 

Would you invest in a professional writer?

In 2021, ProCopywriters surveyed 561 UK copywriters and calculated an average daily rate of £387.

I’m breaking into the industry and have welcomed hagglers who like me, just want to grow their business!

I can provide engaging and authoritative web and business copy and am trained, qualified and insured to do so.

Let me create the strong and consistent brand voice you need to take your business to the next stage.

Visit Information and Services to discover more or email to discuss your business needs further.

Be magnificent – Invest in words!

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