New OPPORTUNITIES for Engagement with Every New Day

A BLATANT, small business owning, REBEL!

As a small business owner, you already have the AUDACITY to manage a small business in world of corporate GIANTS.

Your customers can admire your confidence –

So how does this same confidence translate into AUDACIOUS acts of self-promotion and engagement?

It’s your business – and you do as much or as little self-promotion as you like.

But I’m here to provoke enquiry:

What WOULD happen if you increased your efforts online?

Sure, you’d have less time to do other things, such as procrastinate or peruse Facebook – two VERY important brain relaxing exercises which I also often indulge in.

BUT what about using some of that time to get some nice photos and some nice words to say about YOUR business and your customers –

Some MORE nice photos and words if you’ve already got plenty, you can always have MORE – with every NEW DAY there are NEW OPPORTUNITIES!

Plus every piece of new content you create is another chance for your audience to engage with your product and YOUR MESSAGE.

You could experiment with new audiences (Hello TikTok) or new visual content creating medium (Apps! So many Apps!)

Don’t think you can EVER have enough content because whilst the world is still spinning and the internet is still UPDATING –

  • Stay RELEVANT by ensuring that you produce engaging new content REGULARLY!
  • Be CREATIVE, be VARIED, always keep in mind your TARGET AUDIENCE, and enjoy being:

A BLATANT, small business owning, REBEL!

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