Introvert into Entrepreneur

They’ll be lots of cringing and that’s just on my part

I’ve been re-reading “If You’re Not First You’re Last” by American real estate entrepreneur, Grant Cardone –

Apart from discounting outdated prompts like, “Literally follow your prospect home” (!), this and subsequent Cardone books are absolutely BURSTING full of exciting and inspiring tips and advice:

Dropping in on unsuspecting prospects and arranging face to face and informal meetings being a main one. And of course, maybe I’ve been hiding behind written messages and posts, BUT, we’re in a social media age, and most of my prospects are in locations far beyond my own.

So, how to bridge the gap? Well, I started by attending Zoom networking events, but not being a natural born public speaker, being among mature and successful business owners, I was out of my depth in several ways. I could not represent my own brand positively and effectively, and was of course faced with answering questions such as, “Which other companies have you worked for?” and “What is your previous experience?”

I mentioned in a past blog post that I shared honest accounts and information about my history of unemployment in my blog so that people could discover these answers for themselves and adjust their interest and opinion accordingly. 

But I’ve also mentioned my awareness of my need to make better visual content, such as videos! If I can’t get full subtitles then I can get annotations (or a pen and paper), and like I’ve also said, I can get on with making video introductions (not exactly face to face bit halfway there…)

I can make these really personal and thoughtful, and so this following week I’ll be working on those, and on gaining better video editing skills –

And of course, I’m planning a lot of videos for my Business English Instagram and resources, SO video creation will be quite a big learning curve but it will be so valuable to develop this skill!

Perhaps it would be prudent to begin vlogging, since blogging comes easily to a writer but vlogging will challenge my vanity and my ability –

They’ll be lots of cringing and that’s just on my part, but speaking well in front of a camera is just a skill I have to learn. Its no good me saying “I’m not a natural public speaker”, I don’t need to be a natural, I just need to keep trying and improve little by little.

I’m not offering my services as a public speaker but as a digital marketer, copywriter and English tutor. So, if my videos betray a nervy, low-budget, DIY, not-a-natural-born speaker, that’ll be because that’s exactly who I am! The key will be, at the very least, to show confidence, knowledge and authenticity – and I have those, I just need to relay them via video.

I remember being uncomfortable practising musical instruments within earshot of others when I was younger, and I have that same shyness now when speaking in front of a camera, but I’m really going to have to battle through it –

Perhaps a lot of practice videos to myself will be a good start, alongside researching tips and tricks for presenting and editing.

I also remember the FEAR I had when I started flogging broadband to random passers-by, and the first few times I called at people from our sales pod to try and grab their interest and attention –

I was super self-conscious, but I soon got used to it, and got better and better at it. 

I may not have ended up good at flogging broadband, but I could definitely grab people’s attention from their shopping and have a good conversation with them about our product.

That is a skill I need to reacquaint myself with, adapt and improve – and I am! I’m evolving, and –

It’s all gonna be magnificent…


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“Mental Health at Work”, a summary

“You don’t need to rush. You’re doing a lot just being here with me.”

– Dad, poorly and 71

I’ve tried not to be overly personal with any of these posts because I’m here as a professional –

But “mental health at work” is a thing, and it could be deemed appropriate or acceptable for me to discuss some of the human challenges which influence my journey as a start up (and low budget) business owner.

I have once shared that long-term unemployment can leave you very isolated. Without the cash to go out and enjoy good times with friends, nor pay for presents or holidays, let alone contribute fairly to normal things like food and fuel, connections quickly begin to breakdown.

I’ve met a couple of women I’ve cared about very much, and been unable to develop healthy or equal relationships with them. The second woman I actually warned in advance that I didn’t know when I would be back in employment (and so was unsuitable for a relationship), and we had a bad relationship for a long while before mutually agreeing we were no good.

I remember my nan always told me, “Make sure you have your own money”, and I did manage that for some years before illness and mild disability struck.

And now I can choose to look at myself and see “Failure”, or I can see “Survivor”.

Either way, I’m broke. My CV is shot, my connections are mostly dead and I’m introducing my unemployed but self-employed self much like a girl shouting down a dark corridor hoping that somebody at the end might be listening.

And all of that can make you despondent, or determined –

And I’m determined. My determination is tempered (or interfered with) by such as “imposter syndrome”, but any self-appraising individual can be guilty of accusing themselves of occasionally not being up to the task at hand.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained:

None of us has the time to tell ourselves, “I’ll never be able to do this”. If we only live once, then why not put our all into our one go at life?

I can find a pit and shrivel up and die in it, or I can say, “Sod everything – I’m alive and healthy enough, and I’m going to keep fighting.”

And that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll just have to keep jabbering into the ether and trust that if I cast a wide enough net, healthy leads will follow.

I hope that whoever reads this post will not think less of me for sharing what I have labelled as “human challenges”.

Nobody has a straight path through life or maybe not even through their career, and I only have sought to share a piece of mine –

My business exists to strengthen the work of entrepreneurs similar to me: Those who are striving and who could benefit from accessible, skilled support in order to help their business be as successful as it can be.

I’m Ruth and I do digital marketing through copywriting –

Feel free to get in touch and introduce yourself and your business!

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