“Ruthless” Mode Enabled

I have to offer value, benefits and if I can, I need to build trust…

After much planning and assessing, re-making and re-planning, I am now again at the stage of throwing caution to the wind and pushing forward –

What happened last time? Well, you may remember from some of my previous posts:

My target audience was right but my message was wrong. 

Now, my task is to engage directly with small and independent businesses particularly across South Yorkshire:

  • I want to communicate the value of my Small Business Excellence section and the absolutely free/ no strings promotion it offers 
  • I need to introduce myself and my businesses as widely and effectively as possible 

I can keep planning the “right way” to do that or I can steam ahead with the best plan I have right now –

  • Sort my website
  • Find successful and inspiring small businesses 
  • Say hi and introduce the free promo!

It would be great to be able to connect via video call, and ideally I’d love to meet small business owners and visit their premises –

But one step at a time… I do have to think about the trial and error aspect of even the best laid plans…

Just because something’s free, doesn’t mean people are going to be interested in it. I have to offer value, benefits and if I can, I need to build trust…

I hope value and benefits can be seen in the free, locally-focussed internet space and backlinks which I am offering, and I hope to build trust through the relevant, informative and diverse content which already makes up my website, and through my offer to discuss business owners’ free features further via video call…

I hope the Pacific will be as blue as it has been in my dreams


You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

John Lennon

Got a zoom in the afternoon


Ok, enough quotes –

But you understand my eager and anxious anticipation…

As a kind copywriter friend said to me, “You have to break into the orbit…”

My first attempt ended abruptly with the wrong messaging as no one realised what copywriting was – as I said previously myself, several years ago, I didn’t even know what it was …

This was my error – I had not anticipated this problem with my messaging.

My current attempt, I HOPE, will be a bit more successful –

And I am EXCITED to be able to build my free feature pages as I will learn so much about different businesses, their stories and their needs – and so will all other VISITORS and business owners who are eager to learn more about the goings on in local, South Yorkshire, small business!

But enough talk – I need to make the Small Business Excellence page look a bit more inviting, I’ll get Canva onto it…

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