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WHO’S WINNING locally and nationally

I have a small series of notes reflecting my thoughts on improving my product and my service –

I will be reorganising my brand message and my information and services page to reflect the more immediately quantifiable value proposition (as I highlighted in my previous post) which I am aiming to present.

Right now, I am deciding the logistics of what the most efficient means of research and analysis will be – in order for me to determine competition within different online, small business industries)…

Thinking about it, the information I organise can actually be made into an online resource –

Proceeding in a careful and scrutinous fashion, I can present research which is regularly updated and which would be valuable for those small businesses eager to fibre only things which can include accessing relevant, free research and analysis.

Such regularly updated material could constitute reason enough to create a newsletter and a subscriber facility – but again I will have to discover what the most efficient means of conducting and presenting this research could be.

Ideally it would be great to be able to work with another marketer or professional business writer, but that is another thing I will need to build trust for before I can start building working relationships.

A journalism element can be introduced to such research as well, since I have no desire for it to read in a boring and technical way – work can be presented in engaging articles with lots of visual elements including infographics.

Perhaps case studies would be a good way to proceed – studies including those of individual small businesses and their placement amongst their competitors.

Lessons can be learnt from both the success, and weak points, of other online business – after-all, this will be the basis of how I will be building online marketing strategies for clients.

An important point to remember is that, of course and very, very often, a small business’ main competitor might be a very big business – so what strategy can be constructed to break through the noise of a corporate competitor?

This is an issue/ answer to be addressed by establishing a small brand’s unique selling point, and the unique motives and desires of their different target audiences.

So without expanding further on this lengthy introduction, below are notes and ideas of how I can create my better quantifiable value proposition (i.e. a better product!) –

How can I present a clear, high value, accessible, irresistible product which my TA (target audience) understands and responds to?

  • Remember to include demonstration of how easy the process is and how many benefits it will have to the customer

What is the most efficient way to create a landscape of competition in different industries so that I can pin point:

  • WHO’S WINNING locally and nationally
  • Who their closest competition is
  • And where my diverse target audience falls in this web of competitors


1. Assess sales landscape (including competitors, target audience and their values/ motivations/ financial statuses)

2. Establish USP (unique selling point) and unique value proposition (create the greatest value for money product)

3. Look for any weak spots in competitors marketing and value propositions, also discover TAs not catered for and create digital marketing plan example to exploit these gaps

4. Need a copy/ content strategy for effective marketing campaigns which will include lots of planning ahead and anticipating trends e.g. special days etc

5. Need to offer to create plenty of e.g. Canva graphics/ photos if they need help with visuals as am proficient graphic designer

6. Need potential clients to commit to strategy and a proper digital marketing campaign – May need to try various methods to get it right (ways to establish business in question as industry leaders etc, and with no extra charge)

7. Need to keep an eye on changing methods of competitors (plus industry news and trends) and adapt client’s multiplatform marketing accordingly

8. Keep discovering ways for client to engage with and undestand their target audiences (use customer personas, surveys etc if possible)

How do I judge who’s winning? Who’s got the most, best web space, marketing, reviews etc –

1. Identify biggest small business industries and networks online locally, and nationally (get it all documented properly and make it easily navigable)

2. Research all competition and identify who might be best prospects

3. Create and record personalised proposals

Really feel like individual copywriting products have got little to no value at all to TA, many of them need a whole load of help but none of it will work unless they’re properly committed

Draft message and/ or video script idea:

Hi X, I’m sorry for this unsolicited message, but I wanted to tell you –

I’m building my portfolio, so all my digital marketing services are free, with no strings attached.

I know that [your business name] has competition including [completion names], with [X USPs], but do you know their weaknesses include [competitor weaknesses]?

(Expand upon competitor’s weakness and how they can be infiltrated)

This leaves a gap for [your business name] to swoop in gain influence through an online marketing strategy which may include [strategy ideas to combat competitors].

If you visit my profile you’ll find a link to my website where you’ll discover my writing style –

If you’re up for challenging your competitors head on, drop me a message here or through my website, and let’s kick your competition where it hurts.

How can I change my business message/ voice to reflect this new type of product (all plans above)

Need to make this new proposal and literature into normal, non-jargon speak (and I need to prove how I will do each thing, maybe include some sample case studies)

It’s a big task and will take some time to rewrite and redesign parts of my website, as well as to create the new bits needed and of course, to research and record all the personal business messages which I want to send.

But, it is a better product, and a better value proposition, so now I’ll just get on with it shall I?

So, what are the first things I need to do to build the basis for my research?

  • Establish industries I’ll research and work out HIERARCHY of who the leaders are, who’s second (there’ll be loads), and who’s still fighting for more attention, and then who’s “at the bottom” and working hard to create a bigger impact (loads and loads)
  • Try and get as thorough image of each, successful brand as possible e.g. read trusted reviews, articles, marketing etc Try and discover weak points of everyone
  • Make research bit JAM PACKED full of reliable facts and data – start with easy preliminary searches to see who comes up top in Google results, discover all and most popular online marketplaces and apps
  • This research is a big and important step which will take a while, but it’s important – I can display this when it’s done and it’s a good resource for small businesses to discover the landscape better in case they haven’t already

Only after this step do I want to start identifying the best CANDIDATES for my services and create personalised videos

Online Business Industries:

  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Fitness and health (including women’s health)
  • Sustainable living (including vegan)
  • Clothing/ fashion
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gifts and trinkets
  • Home and decor
  • Pets accessories
  • Kids stuff
  • Etc

So, how can I do the most, far reaching good quality research, but in the least time and as efficiently as possible?

  • Do it systematically, patiently, carefully, but don’t get hung up on one avenue as have so many to explore
  • Don’t worry about being super detailed, can add more details as I continue with updates
  • (Highlight and send out videos early and continue as I go for LoA)

Perhaps starting very simply, e.g. with spider diagrams/ hierarchies for each industry, would be one way of building a landscape quickly

And the notes continue…

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