Be creative and resourceful, and GROW your small business

No giant will ever have the singular excellence of a well-loved and fostered, small business.

Keeping up with the Joneses?

If your neighbours and competitors include corporate giants then “keeping up” requires resourcefulness –

And no small amount of courage. But small business owners have that in DROVES, and an APPETITE to always seek SELF-IMPROVEMENT –

So, consider your competitors:

What is their most ATTRACTIVE feature?

Is it their big, BRAZEN billboards, or maybe their impossibly small prices?

Is their colour pallet and graphic design work simply OUT OF THIS WORLD – and do you feel like a delicate flower straining in their reflected light?

Perhaps you’ve more self-respect than to consider your business as anything so ridiculous.

As we know, bigger doesn’t mean better –

No giant will ever have the singular excellence of a well-loved and fostered, small business.

And in that, you have POWER.

So look at your peers –

Who’s doing “small business” the right way?

Whose approach is holistic, and strategic?

Who presents their business effectively, and outsources when more alien tasks become necessary?

Or at least appears to “outsource” –

No one person is good at everything. And a small business requires every bit of creativity its headache-prone owner possesses.

The singular excellence of each small business SHINES through subtle things including its glowing PERSONALITY –

It’s look, it’s message, it’s clear dedication to serving customers fairly and with a smile so welcoming they come back for MORE!

But if improvements can be made, improvements which emphasise the unique beauty of your business –

Then, when the time is appropriate, INVEST in those improvements.

My next big expense will be a professional web designer and graphic designer (unless I can successfully skill swap with these individuals beforehand – got to use that initiative wherever possible!)

And so after you’ve re-analysed your peers and your competitors, and after you’ve done everything within your power to improve your business model, your message, and how you present your products and services –

What will you do?

Will you seek potential improvements too?

Keep growing – but never change!

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