The Unprofessional Touch

Perhaps, my website is still not very accessible to the individuals I seek…

Following on from my previous post, perhaps I should zoom in super specifically on my target audience, and create a homepage which matches them and their interests –

There is indeed a disparity between my blog and my website, so perhaps I should make my website fit the honest and upfront form of my blog.

I’m here to support the struggling start ups and small businesses, and those interested in becoming self employed, who, like me, get near to no practical support.

My website does not clearly communicate this objective, even though it declares, “Digital Marketing Support for Small Businesses” in big letters at the top –

Perhaps, my website is still not very accessible to the individuals I seek…

Perhaps it actually looks too professional.

As an Unprofessional, it should be more welcoming to other unprofessionals – that is, others who are struggling, perhaps even with advisors who don’t want them to admit to being or recently being on benefits.

Its really a gem –

Don’t tell anyone you attend the job centre.

Sincerely, the Job Centre


Are we unworthy of acknowledgement?

Should we pretend that this part of our life is unimportant, or irrelevant?

I venture that no one who has ever experienced unemployment, especially long-term unemployment, can possibly understand what it means to try and break free of the physical and psychological barriers which hold you in your box of “The Unemployed”.

Nor will they understand how backwards it is to tell an unemployed, benefits claimant that they should hide that they are an unemployed, benefits claimant.

Doesn’t this feed into the taboo of not admitting to being a “benefits scrounger”, as we are more commonly known?

Well, b*llocks to that.

My target audience is others like me –

Not snobs, not successful business owners who can afford more experienced copywriters, but others on tight budgets who just need that extra bit of help to get going.

I’m pleased that this disparity was brought further to my attention –

I will need to assess what my next move will be, but I have some ideas…

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The Importance of Being Blatant

I look forward to breaking through every barrier which will lead me to victory road…

I’ve chanced by arm at offering free digital marketing/ copywriting services to my fellow self-employment/ job seekers through a job centre scheme which I myself am attending. Because, why not?

With every professional introduction or proposal I make, the worst response I can receive is, “No” –

And the Law of Averages dictates, what? That the more I seek, the more I’ll find! The more I prospect, the more leads I’ll gain.

Like I’ve said and repeated in previous posts, “Ruth Klempner” is yet to make a professional name for herself:

As far the working world is concerned, I’m just a 32 year old woman on universal credit. Nobody has any reason to trust me or believe in me.

However, since I have such unfettered belief in myself, I am wholly unperturbed by the doubt of others! 

I gained voluntary copywriting experience through, but since gaining my qualification and building my website, it has been difficult to gain further experience. 

I provide a fantastic service to small and ambitious business owners, and my belief in “pressure and time” will drive my continued exploration of a variety of lead, and voluntary, avenues.

This week I will further explore networking avenues including those available through Enterprise Nation, but I’d also like to break into Twitter properly –

It’s an unusual platform since character limits are so low and so there is a lot of non-content. BUT, I’m probably just looking in the wrong places…

I don’t want to be another account parroting well-known sales or copywriting techniques, and I don’t want to only be advertising services and the benefits of outsourcing experts.

I want to use Twitter to engage with suitable communities, such as communities of small business owners or digital marketing service providers. But I think I’m going to have to be smarter and more specific than that, and connect with professionals and commentators –

Like it’s name suggests, Twitter is about conversation. Not pitching. There’s still lots of preaching, but I’m not planning to use it for that either.

In years gone by, I used Twitter to engage in politics talk (and I’ve also been a keen Trekkie talking actors and star ships!), but I have to say, I’m finding it very difficult to know where or how to start as a copywriter on Twitter.

I know there are copywriter communities, but I will have to think about how to create original content – like I have said, I don’t want to simply repeat decades old (but no less relevant) sales techniques.

As ever, let’s see what I can come up with! Building a business online does require so much patience. But this time and effort is all necessary to achieve the success I crave.

So, bring it on! I look forward to breaking through every barrier which will lead me to victory road…

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