Learning the language of business (and other languages)

This was my failure at languages – mainly my lack of vocabulary a chronic lack of practice.

I recently resumed my independent language studies (something I have been trying and failing at since I was 18) but nevertheless the study of foreign grammar always interested me!

I know why I constantly failed in my teens and twenties:

Firstly, I always gave up – I never had the opportunity to travel and spend time in a country who’s language I was dedicating so many hours into studying, and eventually learning just felt pointless.

I also got confused and frustrated pretty often, since with no teacher to guide me, a lot of pronunciation and grammar points totally eluded me.

In addition, the first language I studied independently was Japanese! As was my great interest in Japan, and my continual love for the Japanese language and it’s beautiful sound (not to be confused with Chinese as it so often is) –

As a young woman, I studied and used the two Japanese alphabets but their main and most complicated writing system, the kanji, intimidated me into giving up…

However, with the development of so much more free language material online and on the App stores, language learning is more accessible than it has ever been before –

And kanji learning is certainly a lot easier with dedicated kanji script apps, but I have not yet returned to Japanese, I have returned to German.

I have a German surname as my grandfather was an Austrian and I have gained dual citizenship with Austria…

I am speaking about language learning because, you guessed it, it feels a lot like building a business 😉

With language learning it is grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and practice – all are vital, and without one the rest of them fall.

This was my failure at languages – mainly my lack of vocabulary a chronic lack of practice.

I have some better methods for vocabulary learning now, and I am intending to visit Austria in the near future to practice German with those who are actually my fellow countrymen…

I have found that with building a business, especially for someone who is not a natural born entrepreneur (like me), and who can not outsource because they’re on a tight budget (also like me), there are many tasks which must similarly be developed slowly and surely –

• A professional looking website

• Professional content

• Plenty of content!

• Visual elements such as professional enough looking social media posts

• A targeted and effective digital marketing strategy

• Anything else which may and will arise!

And I’m delighted to be able to do these things since not too many years ago, I was not physically able to be so productive.

But building my business has been a struggle, but I know it is (slowly!) taking great shape.

I absolutely BELIEVE in my product, the services I am offering, and I KNOW and I will be of enormous use to my fellow small business owners.

I have a strong skill, but it has taken a long time to build the accompanying business in order to effectively promote it.

I return to language learning (to German, maybe to Japanese, maybe to French, maybe to a couple of others), not because I intend to become fluent, but because they are very enjoyable and engaging pastimes. As well as being useful, educative activities!

Like I said, I like learning foreign grammar. I think it is the problem solving aspect which I like – to discover how phrases and sentences work, and to be able to, very slowly, begin to build them myself.

Maybe, in the coming years, I will be able to travel a little – maybe I will even make it as far as Japan…

In the meantime, I will continue to busy myself with the many tasks necessary to build and maintain my business, and I will dip in and out of my language materials leisurely –

Perhaps one day, I will write a blog post from the shore of one of the many beautiful lakes in otherwise landlocked (!) Austria…

It would certainly be liberating to be able to take my technology and work anywhere on the planet I choose –

Isn’t that what the successful, Instagramming entrepreneurs like to do?

But where in the world am I going to find a city so full of trees and hills as Sheffield? Perhaps Rio de Janeiro…

But I don’t know a word of Portuguese!

I’ll have to work on that 😉