The Importance of Being Blatant

I look forward to breaking through every barrier which will lead me to victory road…

I’ve chanced by arm at offering free digital marketing/ copywriting services to my fellow self-employment/ job seekers through a job centre scheme which I myself am attending. Because, why not?

With every professional introduction or proposal I make, the worst response I can receive is, “No” –

And the Law of Averages dictates, what? That the more I seek, the more I’ll find! The more I prospect, the more leads I’ll gain.

Like I’ve said and repeated in previous posts, “Ruth Klempner” is yet to make a professional name for herself:

As far the working world is concerned, I’m just a 32 year old woman on universal credit. Nobody has any reason to trust me or believe in me.

However, since I have such unfettered belief in myself, I am wholly unperturbed by the doubt of others! 

I gained voluntary copywriting experience through, but since gaining my qualification and building my website, it has been difficult to gain further experience. 

I provide a fantastic service to small and ambitious business owners, and my belief in “pressure and time” will drive my continued exploration of a variety of lead, and voluntary, avenues.

This week I will further explore networking avenues including those available through Enterprise Nation, but I’d also like to break into Twitter properly –

It’s an unusual platform since character limits are so low and so there is a lot of non-content. BUT, I’m probably just looking in the wrong places…

I don’t want to be another account parroting well-known sales or copywriting techniques, and I don’t want to only be advertising services and the benefits of outsourcing experts.

I want to use Twitter to engage with suitable communities, such as communities of small business owners or digital marketing service providers. But I think I’m going to have to be smarter and more specific than that, and connect with professionals and commentators –

Like it’s name suggests, Twitter is about conversation. Not pitching. There’s still lots of preaching, but I’m not planning to use it for that either.

In years gone by, I used Twitter to engage in politics talk (and I’ve also been a keen Trekkie talking actors and star ships!), but I have to say, I’m finding it very difficult to know where or how to start as a copywriter on Twitter.

I know there are copywriter communities, but I will have to think about how to create original content – like I have said, I don’t want to simply repeat decades old (but no less relevant) sales techniques.

As ever, let’s see what I can come up with! Building a business online does require so much patience. But this time and effort is all necessary to achieve the success I crave.

So, bring it on! I look forward to breaking through every barrier which will lead me to victory road…

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Law of Averages

The first lesson we learnt in flogging broadband, Speak to as many people as you can.

Today I’ve been firing out messaging inviting small business owners to contribute to Small Business Excellence –

I’m very optimistic! Despite the concerns I mentioned in my previous post about not quite having sussed my target audience, I realised that I didn’t need to second guess any local business, I just need to offer the opportunity.

I do need to find the individuals starting out or without much help, those striving creatives with so much to share –

And if some well established local businesses can show some interest, then wonderful! I can see it all in my mind’s eye –

It’s going to be great. I just need to apply the Law of Averages:

The first lesson we learnt in flogging broadband, Speak to as many people as you can.

Obvious? Yes. But we all have a need to be EFFICIENT in order to be EFFECTIVE –

My efficiency will be determined by how accurately I identify potential contributors, AND how well I can tailor my messages to them. There is still the same basic (shortened) message:

Hi guys, I’m a fellow local business owner and member of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry –

I’m inviting all small local businesses to receive a free (no strings) single or multiple page feature on my digital marketing and copywriting website,

Visit the website and you’ll find the menu link:

Small Business Excellence (SBE)

I’m a copywriter, and in SBE I intend to publish single and multiple page features (including social media and backlinks) on successful small and/ or independent businesses around South Yorkshire.

I offer these as a courtesy and as a way to introduce my self and my local copywriting business 🙂

Explore the website and DM if you fancy a free feature with backlinks!

Thanks for your time 👍

Ruth Klempner

Which I hope is friendly and informative without being too wordy…

I have also sought advice from the business advisors at Business Sheffield/ Welcome to Sheffield, since some prodding in the right direction would be a great help – in the meantime, I’ll continue to be driven by initiative and deliberation.

To be driven accurately by RESEARCH would be great, but I haven’t seen any other copywriter attempt to do what I’m doing –

But I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo…


And I was always interested in (my own definition of) “representative journalism” – the stories, feelings and happenings of normal, everyday people, or in this case, everyday small business owners.

Those individuals who have made their own path, and whose stories are therefore unpredictable.

Lets see if we can discover any of those stories in the coming weeks 🙂

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