Benefits and Luxuries – Sell BOTH

We can experience luxury on even very small budgets, so what luxuries are you offering your customers?

I read recently that the wealthy have been buying up more and more private flights to take them around the world following the pandemic.

Whilst I wouldn’t trust one of those dodgy little planes to take me anywhere (somehow the reassuring size of regular passenger airliner gives me more confidence than a little private plane), I can’t deny the luxury of not having to “share” a departure lounge or aircraft with other harassed and exhausted travellers.

(But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the excitement of a – no cancellations – busy departure lounge and duty-free!)

Luxury, however, isn’t only a comfort of the rich:

We can experience luxury on even very small budgets, so what luxuries are you offering your customers?

Perhaps you give them the courtesy of wrapping their items in both secure and pleasantly artistic materials? Investing that little bit more in your products’ appearance adds value to your service by helping the customer to feel appreciated.

Although they have purchased an item from you, it has been presented to them much like a gift –  this extra effort and attention is a luxury.

If you have business premises, how do you present yourself as a luxury to customers or clients who could otherwise be giving their custom to another business owner?

Is your business environment welcoming, is it comfortable, is it easy to explore and interact with? It goes without saying, but is it clean?

And does your business premises reflect your warm and welcoming personality?

Again, whether your own budget is little or large, there are very easy things you can do to ensure some luxury for your customers.

And what of your products and/ or services themselves?

I have spoken about the value in presenting solutions and benefits –

So what are your best products (perhaps your most expensive products), and how are you presenting their luxuries? 

To consumers out to spend for luxurys sake, what luxuries have you got in store – how is your customer’s expendable income best converted into your products?

How can they gain the most pleasure for their pound by spending their precious money on your products?

What unique experience can be gained if they pay just a little bit more for one of your better products –

How are you making their extra investment absolutely worthwhile?

If you haven’t invested a lot time in identifying and espousing the many luxuries to be found in your product or service line, I recommend you do this NOW.

Build your Value – Shine with Benefits – Embody and Purvey LUXURY.

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