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This is a personal post about the small business owner behind the Clear, Compelling Web Copy –

I was given some great advice – why not niche down into supporting tech startups?

It’s been an awkward sort of couple of months – my unwell and most beloved father (Dr Geoffrey Klempner) lost his battle to kidney failure, dying in hospital after a sharp deterioration.

During this same time, I had been ready to start a tech and digital business accelerator program, the first and best opportunity I had received to gain valuable business help in my locality, but I have not been able to take full advantage of it…

I had attended a couple of sessions, but the stress of dealing with my grief and the many responsibilities which follow a death had and continue to be quite overwhelming.

Unfortunately, I have missed most of the program, but I have simply had other priorities.

Professional advisors recommended I tailor my website towards supporting the many tech startups which exist and require professional writers, and I was very grateful for their advice.

So, as I continue with my responsibilities to my family and to my father’s memory, I will increase my research into tech startups and the digital marketing solutions they require –

Hopefully, I will still be able to gain new opportunities through this accelerator program.

Still more unfortunately, a second close family death followed soon after my own father’s, and though these two bereavements have cemented my schedule of late into the status of “unavailable”, I am continuing to read and research, respond to enquiries, and try to plan my next moves.

I have just finished the book Building a Story Brand by businessman Donald Miller (2017) and given the option to read any number of other sales, marketing and copywriting books, I felt a greater urge to start On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by novelist Stephen King (2000). (Coincidentally, I am also slowly making my way through the audiobook of King’s new novel, Fairy Tale, which was released earlier this autumn…)

Perhaps, as a writer, I desire to simply study writing and storytelling more – as Miller illustrates in his book, customers are the heroes of brand stories, not the brands themselves.

… This has been a personal post about the small business owner behind the Clear, Compelling Web Copy

I look forward to moving forward and to learning and discovering… In the meantime, to all the Solopreneurs especially, let’s keep striving!

Your friendly, neighbourhood copywriter (plus Pablo the Pug)