Creating a Brand Standard, amongst other things

You have to do it right – but you still don’t have the time 

I have a serious time management task in front of me and though it’s not as important as saving people from burning buildings or finding new and better cancer treatments, it’s still important to me –

Creating social media campaigns across multiple platforms FOR MYSELF, and doing all the Canva graphic design myself, is a BIG task. I’ve been spending hours on just one Canva image, and even then I’ve not made any “Brand Standard” to speak of. I’m too interested in multiple colours for a start – I can’t just pick two or three, I don’t want all my posts looking the same…

But maybe this stubbornness isn’t helping. I am in desperate need of developing a more efficient way of creating Canva images, for Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

It’s like trying to erect a building and I’ve not got enough hands!

And yes, I know my problem is actually nothing like that, but my brain is assessing the task and computing multiple errors –

  • You’ve not got enough time/ You’ve fifty other tasks to do
  • You’ve no brand logo or standard
  • You’re not even sure about your own content and if it builds the brand image you’re trying to create
  • You have to do it right – but you still don’t have the time 
  • But you HAVE TO make the time
  • Etc etc.

I spooked myself earlier when I received a message from WordPress commenting that I have had this website for nearly a year now:

It’s taken that long just to get to where I am now – perhaps it will take another year to get to where I’m trying to go?

Gosh, I really hope I can make it sooner. 

I was also thinking some more about my previous blog post, and my benefits history is really so unavoidable in conversation that a post like yesterday’s isn’t too outlandish –

I’ve already been in networking situations where I’ve been asked about my background by other business owners, and what am I to do, lie? No, I’ve had to tell some portion of the truth, and just how much that’s made me sink inside.

Perhaps I should write an eBook or something about it, since that’s another thing copywriters are encouraged to do. I’ve already got the beginnings of a synopsis:

“Three time university drop out gets sick and spends the next six years on universal credit…”

How does that sound – thoroughly encouraging, or not?  

‘Not’, I suspect. Not unless I can make it good 😉

Maybe it could be some sort of comedy? Or maybe I could get super serious and personal, but with humour about the whole saga?

It may not be a book about copywriting, but it would certainly be about resilience and a strong will – and of course, the last six years are only part of my story.

But still, I’ve my Business English to design and develop, as well as my multiplatform, main social media campaign, and hang on whilst my brain whirrs some more and tries to summon a checklist of what I should do first…

Introductions, networking and engagement must always come first.

(Throwing together) a regularly updated social media campaign (using Canva) across my three chosen platforms must come second, along with sorting my Business English.

All/ most other tasks come third.

Well, you know what, it does help to write thoughts like this down in a blog post format. It helps me sort the shambolic filing system of my benefits-budget mind.

I’ve now a bit of a better idea of how to continue than I had when I started this post!

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