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Who is this ‘Ruth Klempner’, and what does she want?

I feel I have certainly been asking too much of successful small business owners to share some of their story on my website – as I acknowledged in a previous post, “Ruth Klempner Copywriting” is as yet a relative unknown…

But this just means the soil is ripe for me to start making my mark, and there are a thousand avenues to follow.

Yes, I will look for individuals and creatives who are striving, and I will begin to create marketing around this theme –

I recently uploaded a video to Instagram in which I described the short story of how flogging broadband led me to copywriting – it was an honest and authentic little bit about local copywriter me!

Needless to say, video and presenting are not my forte, but I know I need to show my face –

“Who is this ‘Ruth Klempner’, and what does she want?”

I hear unsuspecting small business owners across Sheffield already ask, and I reckon that thus far, that’s as much of an introduction as I could hope for.

No, many don’t have time to contribute to this random copywriters website, but now at least: They know my NAME, and know I’m some sort of business writer. It’s like handing out a business card (I need to get some of those done too…)

How else may I share my name and my area of business? Well, how indeed… They’ll be some ‘thinking outside the box’ which need occurring…

I can think of a few experimental things.

I should certainly make some more videos, maybe I’ll even add subtitles like a proper social vlogger – videos are great opportunities anyway for potential customers to judge your face and your manner…

Very importantly, videos allow others to “meet you” without actually requiring an input from them. It is TRUST BUILDING (or image demolishing – depending upon how questionable your videos are…)

But let us be OPTIMISTIC!

NO, my video is not professionally done and I am not in some posh office somewhere

YES, THIS IS ME. I’m living at home with my dad, I’ve hijacked my sister’s old room and have turned it into my office –

I’m NOT SEXY, I’m a copywriter introducing her thus far modest self.

I can’t pretend to be anything other than what I am and so I haven’t tried to, nor do I need to.

It bruised my ego for a lot of years to be the only person e.g. in my family without a degree, let alone the multiple degrees my immediate family members all have –

I can let the super experienced copywriters and Instagrammers quake my ego and restrict my introductions or activity, or I can do my best with the skills and influence I have…

SO – it’s time for me to be more creative and open-minded than I’ve ever been. I need to INSPIRE others to give my business a go – so I will muse upon that, and meanwhile, I will continue to make my introductions…

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