Small Biz & Start-Up Support Service

I said I needed to be creative and think outside the box…

I had an idea – perhaps it is a delusional and entitled idea, but it makes sense in my head:

  • I am offering accessible digital marketing and copywriting services to small business owners
  • I’m eager to help those right at the beginning of their journey e.g. start ups etc
  • I qualify as a “start up” myself as I’m at the beginning of my business journey
  • I’m eligible for support and advice from various outlets including job centre schemes and small business support initiatives in South Yorkshire
  • Why can’t I be an “outlet” of support for small businesses – I am after-all, offering free (no strings) support to other start ups like myself, and accessible, negotiable prices for all my products
  • I have experience, I am qualified and I am insured
  • Perhaps I can direct my marketing around being a “service for local, small business support”?

An obvious issue with this is that no “support service” would be called “Ruth Klempner Copywriting” –

But that’s not my URL… My web address is actually

And “Ruth Klempner” can be whoever, or whatever, she wants.

I mentioned previously that my marketing needed to be more sharply focussed on those who are Striving. What if I can also focus it sharply on providing a SERVICE of SUPPORT for small businesses and start ups?

I am yet to begin an earnest social media campaign – I wanted to contact businesses 1-2-1 and begin my digital marketing concurrently but the latter has fallen behind amongst other tasks.

I’m going to brainstorm how this new idea might take form, and who I might be able to contact about it e.g. Anyone representing start ups who might agree to “refer” businesses to me.

I said I needed to be creative and think outside the box, well, this is just one of those (possibly outlandish but not really) ideas.

I will just continue being bold and blatant, and if I see a way a “support service” could be done, I might just do it.

And BTW – that refund just came through and so I will settle up with the Italians tomorrow 😉

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