An additional Business English service

I’m a very enthusiastic lover of language…

So, in the spirit of still being a start up and having the freedom to experiment however I want with different ways of earning revenue, I’m planning an additional Business English service –

Way back when in 2016, after I had packed in full-time hospital work because of my deteriorating manual dexterity, and before I began my brief but illuminating stint in direct sales, I completed an online Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course.

I mentioned in a previous blog post my great interest in studying foreign grammar (it’s interesting!!) and though I’m a very poor linguist, I’m a very enthusiastic lover of language, and in particularly, (quite obviously), of written and creative English –

So, despite being distracted by worsening health at the end of 2016 and all the productivity problems which that caused – my health is in a better place now, and it would be a shame to waste that qualification. 

“Business English” (my working title for this new language section) will be a promotion of the English language for business, and as such, will fit appropriately upon my pedestal of “digital marketing services” for small businesses owners –

My TEFL target audience will be foreign small business owners (European and Japanese in particular), those who wish to both share their products with English speaking audiences, and who may also wish to form partnerships with English speaking business owners.

I’m a 2nd (and 3rd) generation immigrant, born in Britain. I only speak English although I understand much of written German, and am continuing to study this, one of my ancestral languages and the origin of my surname “Klempner”, as well as a selection of other languages I like to explore –

Far from being sporty, musical or artistic, I like writing and discovering the mechanics of other languages as well as discovering the possibilities of my own!

I’m a purveyor of digital marketing services, and I can do this as a copywriter, and as an English language teacher. 

My TEFL target audience will already be of at least lower-intermediate English level, and so I will teach through conversation and assignments –

I’m a start up! I’m casting a dynamic net and I’m still discovering what works and what doesn’t. I am playing to my strengths: copywriting, content writing, digital marketing, creative writing, and English language through conversation teaching.

As I develop this new idea, I am continuing all my other tasks including discovering all the free resources on Enterprise Nation, an organisation supporting small business owners across the UK with events, online tutorials and 1-2-1 sessions with business experts.

European languages and Japanese are the ones with the most available resources, and those which are among the easiest for English natives to study independently (yes, even Japanese!). Although, with the expansion of app development, varieties of other previously less accessible languages are now available (I’m interested in studying some Swahili on the Language Transfer app)…

But the above is just stuff to do in my spare time: 

Speaking and marketing to business owners, either British or foreign, is my overriding priority. Enterprise Nation also has plenty of networking and connecting opportunities so I will explore those as well –

And I will keep making waves. I will also need a new Instagram for my TEFL stuff, and to use foreign language hashtags and SEO on. 

Time management is really essential here – I’ve so many jobs and I’ve been neglecting important ones, such as spending a lot more time on Canva creating my elevated digital marketing campaigns –

But it’s all in hand! This is all part of my journey, my shop floor is open, there’s just a babel of planning and construction happening behind the scenes 🙂

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Reflections – Small Business Excellence

Who is this ‘Ruth Klempner’, and what does she want?

I feel I have certainly been asking too much of successful small business owners to share some of their story on my website – as I acknowledged in a previous post, “Ruth Klempner Copywriting” is as yet a relative unknown…

But this just means the soil is ripe for me to start making my mark, and there are a thousand avenues to follow.

Yes, I will look for individuals and creatives who are striving, and I will begin to create marketing around this theme –

I recently uploaded a video to Instagram in which I described the short story of how flogging broadband led me to copywriting – it was an honest and authentic little bit about local copywriter me!

Needless to say, video and presenting are not my forte, but I know I need to show my face –

“Who is this ‘Ruth Klempner’, and what does she want?”

I hear unsuspecting small business owners across Sheffield already ask, and I reckon that thus far, that’s as much of an introduction as I could hope for.

No, many don’t have time to contribute to this random copywriters website, but now at least: They know my NAME, and know I’m some sort of business writer. It’s like handing out a business card (I need to get some of those done too…)

How else may I share my name and my area of business? Well, how indeed… They’ll be some ‘thinking outside the box’ which need occurring…

I can think of a few experimental things.

I should certainly make some more videos, maybe I’ll even add subtitles like a proper social vlogger – videos are great opportunities anyway for potential customers to judge your face and your manner…

Very importantly, videos allow others to “meet you” without actually requiring an input from them. It is TRUST BUILDING (or image demolishing – depending upon how questionable your videos are…)

But let us be OPTIMISTIC!

NO, my video is not professionally done and I am not in some posh office somewhere

YES, THIS IS ME. I’m living at home with my dad, I’ve hijacked my sister’s old room and have turned it into my office –

I’m NOT SEXY, I’m a copywriter introducing her thus far modest self.

I can’t pretend to be anything other than what I am and so I haven’t tried to, nor do I need to.

It bruised my ego for a lot of years to be the only person e.g. in my family without a degree, let alone the multiple degrees my immediate family members all have –

I can let the super experienced copywriters and Instagrammers quake my ego and restrict my introductions or activity, or I can do my best with the skills and influence I have…

SO – it’s time for me to be more creative and open-minded than I’ve ever been. I need to INSPIRE others to give my business a go – so I will muse upon that, and meanwhile, I will continue to make my introductions…

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Revised Plan

Why can’t I celebrate the successes of other small and independent business owners

It is difficult to overcome the objection that your free promo simply isn’t worth the energy organising – 

I get that. But this indicates a problem again with my need to more accurately determine the correct target audience:

(As I have said, free promo pages are an unusual offer to be making to an audience, but my idea had been to offer it as a useful support and an introduction to myself and my business)

Absolutely new businesses want to GROW. I know that because I’m a new business and I want to grow!

The businesses I have sought to speak to are already mature and blossoming, and as wonderful as it would be to be able to hear their stories, I think it will have to wait. I don’t yet have their trust, nor have I made them a tempting enough offer.

I, myself, would appreciate extra, insightful, useful and free web space – so which other business owners are like me? These will be the individuals who make up a more appropriate target audience.

The creatives. Artists, designers, crafts people, musicians, performers –

Those who are seeking to use their skills and talents to work full-time, and could do with? Some extra, free promo.

A helping hand – and I want to give it. I certainly know the struggles of setting up a business from next to nothing, and needing things like online influence (digital marketing) …

So, should I change the name? Is “Small Business Excellence” too grandiose – or even too optimistic?

Why should it be? Why can’t I celebrate the successes of other small and independent business owners – after all, these people inspire me. I want to be just like them –

Strong. Smart. Successful.

And if they’re just starting out like me, then let’s hear their stories, discover their skills, and share their excellence!

I wont pretend that I don’t find this very difficult. After six years of unemployment, the network of people you still know declines dramatically. 

Illness, lack of resources, and lack of confidence can lead you to spiral into a void, and for a long time.

But I’m sufficiently nosey to still have a bright and inquiring mind, and although the task could benefit from a magic wand, I will continue to make my introductions. I will offer a courtesy, like a freebie, and I will remain engaged and optimistic.

My real task, as a business owner, is actually pitching my PRODUCT. THAT is something I need to think deeply about –

The Where and the How. And it’s pretty imperative (!) –

I know the process and the theory, of course, I am a copywriter! But do I present enough value and benefits? Absolutely – unlike most, I’m open to negotiation and you’re very best haggling.

Hire my skills for a brilliant price, or Get some free promo, and help your new business grow online!

I’m irresistible, really 😉

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