Where life began…

I arrived in Sheffield via Jessops Hospital for Women in 1990.

It’s trees and it’s views fill me with warmth, but equally, I have experienced some trials here –

My mother’s death in 2009 being one, my own illnesses and unemployment being another.

Still, I feel so lucky to be here.

We have everything we need right here!

Space and nature to explore, hills to climb (just to get to the shops), and universities and hospitals which attract swathes of bright minds and talented healers.

sheffield small business

We have a wealth of impressive, small businesses, sustainable businesses, and access to vegan and non-vegan food from every corner of the planet (very important!)

There are many things which can be improved, the number of closed retail units being one – RIP Chapel Walk.

And as a quite introverted, LGBTQ+ woman, it would be great if there were more spaces to hang out and feel safe.

sheffield small business

I want to be able to use my skills to help improve opportunities for development in Sheffield –

It feels very ambitious. But if I’m committed to helping local small businesses grow, then supporting organisations which assist high street businesses, and inclusive, minority representative businesses, will not be outside my remit.

I have a task list as long as my arm (which busy person doesn’t), but it is a great goal of mine to be able to work to improve Sheffield.

Watch this space to find out what I get up to – or to hold me accountable if I haven’t done enough 😉

Artist Jo Peel’s Howard Street Mural

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