Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is what distinguishes your business from your competition.

Effectively presenting a product as the ideal solution to your customer’s needs is your (is all of our) aim.

But if sales aren’t where we want them to be – what’s gone wrong?

Usually, not enough consumers are exposed to our message.

And is your message as great as it could be?

As we all know, every business has a Unique Selling Point. This USP is going to accurately determine our Target Audience:

But target audiences are split into specific individuals, people who are further separated by e.g. age, gender, finances, geography etc.

These separate groups respond to different nuances in language and may hear your brand message via different channels e.g. fellow Instagrammers are more likely to see and respond to you via Instagram, whether as traditional web surfers may prefer to browse your website, or may only respond to your messaging after noticing a marketing email via their inbox.

Another question to ask is just how often should you appeal to your audience?

How often should you post to social media, and how frequently should you update your website, your social media or your blog?

Well – how relevant do you want to be?

If the most popular companies publish new content everyday and respond to industry news and trends, then shouldn’t you as well?

Of course, this means a lot of anticipating new, relevant content on your part – and a lot of reacting to consumer marketplaces with products which fit the latest fashions and expectations.

Do you have a strong and reactive brand voice which resonates with a variety of target audiences across multiple platforms – and does so everyday?

Perhaps this is an unrealistic aim – indeed, I would certainly struggle to make new content for my own businesses to disseminate so broadly and so often. Especially since there are so many other tasks necessary to maintain a business – fully embracing free online marketing only being one of them.

So, where do a majority of your online, target audience gather?

Can you commit to publishing regular new posts or content in maybe one or two places in order to maintain your relevance and uphold your audiences awareness of your brand?

It’s certainly something to consider, and whilst you do, I will similarly be working on:

  • Finding the right balance between creating new content
  • Engaging effectively with other businesses, bloggers and social media accounts, and
  • Completing the many other tasks necessary to build and maintain a business and a brand

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Ruth Klempner Copywriting © 2022